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Got my first nod from a REAL runner!

I ran my week 7.2 this morning and managed a respectable 5K in 32'26 (according to Endomondo) so was very pleased with that. My usual last 5 min HELL didn't seem as bad as before and I managed to keep a fairly steady pace all the way through. It was tough, but I managed it.

The best bit was though, when I was crossing a quiet road and along came this athletic looking chap, running in all the right gear and those space alien type dark glasses on and he raised a respectful forefinger and nod in my direction as though to say "Respect Dude!". I felt pretty good about that and it made me feel more like a proper runner.

The feeling of elation after every run I do is amazing. It has become my treat so that whenever I'm feeling "I'm never gonna do this" I try and look forward to that moment when Laura says "slow down, you've done it!" and that keep me going, because I know when the run is over, I'm gonna feel grrrrrrrrrreat!!

Happy running peeps!

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Oooh its so good when you get a runner nod (or point). I had that a couple of weeks ago when I got a 'morning' and nod from 2 different runners. Its like being accepted:) Well done on your time:)


Cheers Joanne (who's 37). I guess we're "in the club' now eh?!!


I still feel like a bit of a fraudster so dont think I can count myself in the club just yet:)


I think 5K by week 7 in such a respectable time qualifies you as a 'real runner' anyway :-)


I nod or a smile from a fellow runner is always nice!


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