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Broke a 5k mental block


Not run 5k since March 10 and kept giving up at 3.5/4K albeit at a decent pace for me. So needed to break the mental block that I could no longer run that far. So chose one of my favourite not too hilly circular routes and knew it was going to be fine when I got to 3k and felt good. Also a big psychological boost that I’d be able to stop before the ‘big hill home ‘. After 5.1km I slowed to a walk and pounded up hill feeling smug. This running lark as much head as heart, leg n lungs!!

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Fabulous. You're spot on - so much of running is a mental challenge, even for elite athletes who have been running for years. You're up there with the best of them, conquering your demons 💪👍

Great account!

You got this ... I love the feeling of achievement!.. especially when you’ve achieved something you didn’t think you could - best feeling in the world!

Well done! 👏👏

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