Yay - broke the 5k barrier!!

I have been itching to run more than 5k (it's getting urgent as I'm doing a 10k on May 27th) but the timings on my Bridge to 10k weren't getting me much above that distance. So I decided today to carry on after the 'scheduled' run time until I had run 6k - and I did it!! Including just one walking break of 2 mins as per the programme, I did it in 51 mins and am SOOOO chuffed!!

It was damned hard, in fact for most of the run I felt like I was going to have to stop - but I notice I'm automatically running faster than previously so that probably explains it.

With 5 weeks to go till '10-day' I've decided to increase my weekend run by 1km each week, which will probably mean running over and above the time specified on the programme, and then concentrate more on speed during the shorter midweek sessions. I am on track to complete the programme but at my current speed I'm not going to get to 10k in the time they tell you to run!! Now where have I heard that before.....??


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22 Replies

  • Yay!!!!! Really pleased for you :-) Its great to finally hit that barrier!

  • Thank you :-). I'm really enjoying the programme, even though I've had to give it a little 'juicy' twist!!

  • Wow you are doing so well! I am half thinking about entering myself in a 5k in July but don't want to jump the gun. What a challenge you have set yourself, good luck!

  • Thanks Sarah - just to put it into perspective I did start C25K on 2nd Jan.....took a month longer than usual to finish it as I was ill in the middle - but I did run a 5k at the end of March, so your July date may not be as daunting as you think! However I'm still in awe of the fact that I shall be out there in central London doing all those k's when I couldn't run 30 seconds back when I started!

  • Great well done at smashing the 6K!! :)

  • Thank you!

  • 6K!


    Graduated on Friday and only just tipping the 4k mark! You've inspired me to push on. Well done and thanks :)

  • Oh cool! NB I think I was only about 3k in 30 mins at graduation, so you're doing really well!

  • 6k!!!! :) fantastic :)

  • Thank you *blushes*

  • Great news! 6k is a fantastic achievement!

  • Thanks TJ!! NB I've noted 2nd June in the diary for my first parkrun 'with' you - it will really encourage me to know at least one other person's doing it at the same time as me!

  • 6k is brilliant! I only did 3.7 in my 30 minute run today. The idea of increasing by 1k every week sounds pretty scary to me but I'm sure you'll be able to do it! Good luck!

  • I have been in the same place as you - needed to increase time drastically to get to 5k at all - but, now I've been a graddie for a month or more, increasing distance/time seems like the right thing to do!

  • Brilliant progress! Get you! I'm delighted for you :)

  • Bless you! :-) I just need to stop comparing my times with other people's......

  • Great stuff; well done

  • Thanks OldNed - nothing like your time though!! Always something new to aim for..... :-)

  • Well done on your Super 6K and I look forward to hearing how the parkrun goes too.

  • Thank you - that's so encouraging! :-)

  • Yabadabadoo - been following your progress and so pleased for you. I might join you on 2 June - there's a parkrun in St Andrews and it sound quite appealing.

  • Thanks Malcy - I'm touched that someone's following my progress!! Will remind you and TJFlute nearer the time about 2nd June......

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