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5k is a long way

Back in the day I used to be pretty quick down the 100m, that day was about 25 years ago now though! Seven years after pregnancy I have decided I can no longer use that as an excuse for the excess of weight so last night I took my first step on the way to 5k. It seems like an enormous challenge. I have always feared distances longer than 100m and am asthmatic to boot. As I went through the door I had my husband telling me not to go too far in case I got into trouble (breathing). So, I set out, did some walking and some jogging a bit more walking and some heavy breathing I guess I was out for about 25 minutes in total and found that my village has a really big hill - I'm gonna run all the way up that one day! Am a bit stiff today but feeling so chuffed with myself. Trouble is, the fear is still there.

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I know just how you felt. Those of us not used to exercise, especially running, have a mountain of self-doubt to overcome. It's a habit of mind which influences us even more than out protesting bodies as we start out on this plan. If it's any help, i don't think there's been a single run in the last 11 weeks where i haven't doubted my ability to complete it, and yet yesterday I ran 7k without stopping, purely as a result of doing the plan exactly as suggested. So, have faith, you will overcome your fear and get there despite it! Just go SLOWLY! That's my only hint ;-)


I used to be quick over 100 and 200 and still enjoy running fast so had similar views when starting C25K. It is a gem of a program and all you need to do is follow it. C25k will do the rest.

If you ask anyone who has graduated they will probably tell you that they never thought when they started that they could run for a long distance or time. But you really can :)

Stick with it, refuse to listen to any doubts you have and take it steady, there's no need to sprint this one.

All the best with your running and look forward to hearing about your progress.


If it's any help, I completed a half marathon last month, a year after starting C25k, and I still doubt that I can run 5k every time I leave the house. It is all in the mind. Take it steady, make sure you have your inhaler, and follow the plan - it really works. All the very best of luck. YOU CAN DO IT!!


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Just listen to laura and your be fine and its amazing the things you can do when you try mind over matter and your be running 5km before you know it


I still sound like an old steam engine in need of a tune but it does get easier, promise!


Thanks for your messages of encouragement. I tried downloading the podcasts to listen to Laura but my phone tells me it's not compatible with flash player and it so I can't listen along.


Hi make sure you are downloading the correct files. From the NHS site click on "couch to 5k running plan" you will then have the option of downloading each week as a separate mp3 file which should play on any portable music player doesn't even have to be a phone, or the whole series can be saved to an Apple device if you have Itunes.

The podcasts are really very good I wouldn't have been able to start this plan without them, they do make all the difference!

Hope this helps and best of luck!


Yep I agree with all comments above. The plan is brill. Download the right one. Trust it and use this blog as it's so helpful. Good luck. :o))


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