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:) Just overcome a mental block

and ran from home- to the reservoir, around the res and then back home and managed to run (all be it I was rather only JUST running at some points towards the end) but managed to run 51 minutes and 34 seconds in all before I got home and fell (gracefully ;) ) onto the sofa... I CONFESS- i did not walk to cool down but just sat and drank water until my heart rate recovered (within 1, maybe 1 1/2 minutes)

Sadly, my MAPMYRUN ap was on pause all along :( so it didn't log it BUT I have manually worked it out on the site at 6.18K- I am thrilled to bits because:

1) I had a mental block with this route- I had walked/ran it during the C25K and remembered the 5 minute run being really hard, and Recall Peter laughing at me saying i sounded like a steam train , shortly before he pulled his calf muscle :/ and,

2) I have only managed a maximum 42 minutes before as I have then reached home and had enough.

This has proved that it can be done and whilst I did run slower at the end, I can do it :) and i only graduated 9 days ago. I think this will be my once week longer run for a few weeks :)

Fabulous! thrilled! Happy! Fulfilled! I LOVE this programme and all the lovely people here!

:D :D :D

Janet xxx

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Wow! Well done. That's fantastic! Great achievement!!

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Thanks Toon... My speed might not be up to much but I ran for longer than before :D


Just done a little skip of happiness around the garden in honour of your No Restraint Reservoir Run though I don't think we can allow 'only just running' 'cos running is running. I run slower than the dog can walk up hills but it still counts (please don't anyone tell me if it doesn't). :)


lol Slookie.... thank you for doing that lil skip for me :D

There were a few times i wanted to walk but even though I knew it wouldn't affect my time, I thought "No, running slower is still the right movement" ;) and is harder than walking so I kept running/lumbering/almost falling lol but still used energy.

It all counts!


Oh well done you!! So much of this seems to be a mental hurdle as well as physical doesn't it - look forward to hearing about your next run :0)


Thank you Runningknitter (nice to meet you)

I had made my mind up I WOULD Conquer that route and made sure i ate properly yesterday so there were no excuses. What week are you on? This programme is amazing! Ten weeks ago, the 60 second runs were tough and now- 50 minutes :) it's fab! :)


Nice to meet you too :0). I have just completed Week 7 today - and it felt so good! I am beginning to understand this runner's high now (as long as it is the one when you have finished!!!). 50 minutes is seriously impressive!


Ooh what an impressive run!!!! What an achievement, you are an inspiration, keep it up!!! X


:D Bless you marly... thank you but inspiration is a bit much, a lovely compliment but there are many others more inspiring :)


That's really cool! You are doing fabulously. You might want to think about doing the B210K and signing up for a race to keep yourself motivated? Well done xxx


thank you Kickibro,

I was thinking about doing the B210K last week once i graduated BUT decided to try and run a bit longer and improve my breathing- i.e. keep running until I find the breathing easier ( I don't know if that ever happens though lol) and then start the B210K. I don't want to push too much too soon.

Another thing is, I just cannot run three days on a run- I might manage two days on the run but then definitely need a day off, and not sure if the longer running programmes demand more days running, but certainly want to look at something else to keep me going.

I have signed up for ParkRun now I can do 5K though.

Which B210K would you recommend ?

Thank you,

Janet x


I tried the B210K but found it really hard lol so I just decided to increase my runs gradually and I signed up for a 10k to give me something to work for. I have done 2 x 10k races now and have signed up for a half marathon and so I have gone back to the B210K and am just doing the last quarter of it and then moving to do the HM training app. I am using the Zenlabs one and it seems pretty good. Don't do as I did though and force a 10k as I injured myself like that and couldn't run for 2 weeks :D

Do try the C25K+ podcasts as they are quite challenging, especially Stamina and Speed and you can do different ones on different days.

I do run 3 x weekly but I run every other day and have 2 days off a week because I am a bit lazy. I do try to walk or do a DVD on my days off though, but that doesn't always come off :D xxx

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That's fantastic! 51 minutes! Whoop whoop, well done. Glad you have registered for parkrun too, I love it, it makes me push a bit harder than I would if left to my own devices. Hope you enjoy it! x :-D


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