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Week 7 Run 2 - conquering my demons!


So this afternoon I started thinking of all the excuses of why I shouldn’t run tonight, you name it I thought of it! So far all my runs have been along country lanes with only the odd passerby but tonight was to be my first ‘residential run’. Not sure why but I was so nervous about it that I managed to put it off till 8pm - finally plucked up the courage and set off. First 10 minutes were the worst I’ve felt during any run so far. I was so hot and my legs felt like they were anchored to the ground - does anybody else ever get that feeling that your calves are made of lead? I thought if I can push on to the halfway point I’ll see how I feel then. Anyway, unbelievably by the time that point came I was well into my stride and managed to carry on all the way to 25 minutes 😊😊 the new route was interesting, I passed lots of people out watering their gardens or talking to neighbours or walking the dog - I thought I’d feel ashamed or embarrassed and that people would judge me for being a ‘fat runner’ or going so slow but when it came to it I didn’t give a toss, I just kept my head up and thought about how far I’d come in such a short time. On reflection I’m sure nobody else gave me a second thought either!!

So close to the finish line now!

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I did week 7 run 1 this morning and it took me about 17 minutes to get past the feeling of legs of lead. Like you, I thought if I could get to 12.5 I would push on and see what happened. And I did get comfortable in the last 5. Amazing feeling.

Hope you're looking forward to your run 3. I'm certainly impatient to get running again. Cannot believe it.

Rainn1Graduate in reply to ChampGran

Never thought I’d say it but I’m looking forward to run 3 too!

I did laugh to myself when Laura said give it your all for the last minute... I think if I’d gone any slower for that last minute I would have been going backwards 😂 I peak around 18 minutes I think haha


Well done you. For the record my calfes feel.like that too.. I'm just into wk 7. 1st run will be Saturday. I only gave myself 1 days rest in between each run on wk 6 (in the past work & child care has meant Ive had 2 days and even 3 days rest on some weeks. Calves feel bigger, bolder & heavier this week.

Well done on your new route - see you at the Graduation party.....

Rainn1Graduate in reply to RunningBoy68

Thank you - I can’t wait to officially say I’m a graduate👩‍🎓


Amazing that you've reached week 7 and have conquered your demons now. I bet people were thinking, if they noticed you, how brilliant you are for running. That's what I always think when I see someone out running. In fact, seeing other people is what has inspired me to do the Couch to 5K and you will have inspired some people as well! The first 5 -10 minutes or so of any run seems like an eternity to me and I feel so out of breath and like a big lump and then before I know what's happening I also get past the legs like lead feeling. Weirdly, the last five minutes are almost enjoyable - maybe cause I know I'm near the end. Ha!

Rainn1Graduate in reply to Sky-Runner

Whenever I saw someone out running I’d think “I wish I could be one of ‘those’ people” not long now till graduation and then I can officially by those people!!

Bupkiss100Graduate in reply to Rainn1

You already are one of those people! Anyone of us who have started the program are 😊


Did the exact same run last night, went about 8:20 cause it was just so hot before then! I found run 1 really hard, felt like I was running in sand. Last night wasn't as bad, I think it's harder if we go for a long walk on a rest day, and lately I've found early morning runs hard on a totally empty stomach/no energy. Whereas I used to prefer going at the crack of dawn! I run through a village too, and always used to worry what people thought. But, I found that more so when there was walking in the runs, that people would think look at that fat girl walking cause she can't run any longer! Now, I don't stop for 25 minutes, so I feel so proud running past anyone I see! We're nearly there 😍💪

Rainn1Graduate in reply to N3llyB

The heat was horrible wasn’t it my face was so red I had to get a cool shower when I got in! Well done on your progress too - are you going for run 3 on Saturday? I did consider leaving two days but I’m keen to get going with week 8 so want to start that on Monday!

N3llyBGraduate in reply to Rainn1

That's an idea actually, I usually do Tuesday Thursday Sunday but same, I feel like the finish line is in sight now. I'm gonna go tomorrow.

Sometimes though I find it easier after 2 days rest. Some days I'm raring to go others I have to drag myself. I'm such a quitter with so many fitness regimes and diets I am determined not to stop. Imagine quitting now and then in a couple of weeks thinking "I'd have been graduating C25K today" well usually that's me and I'm not doing it this time 😂 can't believe I've made it this far! Well done to us!

Rainn1Graduate in reply to N3llyB

I could have written this! The amount of diets I’ve started and gyms I’ve joined, money down the drain. I don’t think I’d be able to forgive myself if I gave up and as you say, you’ll know when it would have been graduation time. Keep on going, I’ll follow you and check in 😂

On graduation day I’m going to treat myself to a new pair of trainers and some running leggings, if I’m doing it I may as well look the part right?!

N3llyBGraduate in reply to Rainn1

Yes definitely treat yourself, I've found it hard to get running stuff, obviously they don't think anyone over a size 16 could possibly do any sports! But now I have some fab leggings and a vest (wouldnt usually be seen dead with my arms out but its TOO hot) and I feel like I now have all the gear (still no idea...)! Do you feel now like you've kinda done the worst part already? I feel like, if I can run 25 mins I can probably push to 30 now. I am just VERY slow in a hilly area, currently only doing 2.5km in 25 mins!

Rainn1Graduate in reply to N3llyB

I got some Nike Curve leggings from Next and they’re great, I could just do with more than one pair so I don’t have to keep washing them! Really not brave enough for a vest though but wish I was as it was stifling last night.

I do feel like I’m over the worst of it now and that there won’t be too much difference pushing on to 28 then 30 minutes but ask me again next week haha! My runs are relatively flat or very slight incline, I’m doing about 3.1k in the 25 minutes running so I am slow but as other posters have advised, I’m trying not to focus on the distance and just get to 30 minutes. I figured once I graduated and no longer use the app, the thing that will push me forward will be aiming to get that 5k in 30 - who knows what after that!


Well done 👍

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