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Starting all over again 😔


So I completed couch to 5k in July/August last year and I even ran an 8k in October! But I haven’t run since. I was in a lot of pain around my hips and whilst that pain has mostly gone, I do have problems with my lower back and hips. I’m gutted. I tried to go for a run a few weeks ago and felt so disappointed that I couldn’t last longer than 5 minutes. So tomorrow, I want to start couch to 5k again. Really hoping it won’t make me feel sad that I’m back at square 1.

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Have heart, it will work and you can work back up to your 5k + runs. I completed 0-5k a couple of months ago for the 3rd time having had an injury the 2nd time. I have continued slowly consolidating and run confident 5ks with a weekly stretch run now at 7.5k. If I can you can too. Try some exercises for hip flexing to accompany your running, yoga is highly recommended and wards off problems before they arise. Enjoy the weather, the view and your success. Good luck x


Try not to feel disappointed!! You’ll be back to running 8k again in no time!! Just take it slow and steady - you’ve done it before, so you know you can do it again ☺️


It’s a great idea to start again, that will build your confidence and stamina. I did the same when I felt I had lost my enthusiasm for running and let things slip. It was great to run the programme with Laura again. Good luck!


I think it's great your starting again, it takes so much strength to do that, you might feel a bit sad on your first run but the feeling of accomplishment at the end of it will be so worth it, it's been an equally tough mental battle for me and I have to remind myself to give credit where its due instead of putting myself down.

Most people wouldn't have bothered running again for years I don't think after such a high(8l) and then a gap, your getting straight back to it in a relatively short space of time, your doing great already so give yourself some credit xxx

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As a side note I've been doing a strength and flex for beginners video on YouTube most days and it's really helpful, as mentioned above yoga and dance flexibility stretches are great for general movement, I can't believe the difference when I struggled to lift myself off the couch /tie my shoes before Christmas, weight and mobility wise


Aaaaw no don't feel sad Habley 😟. I'm doing C25K a third time round (life got hectic and I lost my mojo).

I think it's a very positive step you are taking, easing back to where you want to be. You WILL build your strength and stamina again, you've done it before, so you know it's possible.

Try not to think about it as starting all over again from scratch, look on it as a fresh challenge, it won't be long before you'll be back on track. Just take it easy👍



Last year I completed Couch to 5K but then found I had issues with my right knee, so much so that I stopped running completely.

However I've started the course again but this time I'm doing it much more slower - in fact and it works for me - I'm only doing one run per week which I appreciate isn't in line with the 3 runs per week programme. I've just completed week 5 run 3 - hurrah.

I guess what I'm trying to say is do what works for you - slowly and steadily.

I've found lots of helpful tips from The Balanced Runner website.

Best of luck.


Welcome back.

Runners need good core strength, so work on that and it may well alleviate your back and hip pain.

Don’t worry about restarting. They do say try try and try again. Your motivated, that’s the main thing👍

Don’t worry. I have started again a few times over the last 5 years. I completed it the first time in October 2015 and then managed again in 2016 but then in 2017, with an ankle injury I lost my fitness again. Started again in 2018 but only got to wk 5 run 2 and the same last year.

When lockdown started and I had more time I started again. by the end of wk 5 I did the rest by doing one run from the last three weeks and I am now running for 30 minutes 3 times a week.

keep going, it doesn’t matter how many times you restart. it is easier second time around as you know you can do it.

well done on running 8k, I don’t think I have even run 5k yet!

Dont feel sad, think of it as a new start. I have finished, stopped and restarted a few times. If everything is going ok and it says walk and I feel good I may jog through that walk and next jog then take the next walk. Good luck, mostly importantly enjoy the jog time x

Don't feel so dis hearted...I was training for a half marathon that has been cancelled due to covid and was so disappointed I stopped training, I thought what was the point. So now I have given myself a kick up the bum and went back to couch to 5k to get myself re motivated ...on week 3 and I'm far from anywhere near where I was but I did it once and I will do it again so keep positive and you will get to where you were and more .


I completed couch to 5k this time last year.

I ran consistently then life got in the way. I haven’t ran since last November.

I would have been so frustrated trying to just run and not really getting anywhere.

I’ve also listened to all the tips I had forgotten which has helped a great deal.

The best thing I did was to start from scratch! Just about to start week 4 🙂


Same here - graduated in May last year and then got injured in July and lost the routine. I started again from week 2 recently and completed W7R1 this morning. So glad I started again and as others have said, you've done it already so you know you can do it. I'm being much more mindful of my speed this time, taking it slowly and being very aware of any niggles - anything at all and I give myself an extra day of rest. That and yoga 2 or 3 times a week and all is good so far. Don't feel sad, feel positive and you'll be back before you know it!


Planning to follow your second journey through as I will be repeating it myself in the end of June. The difference this time is we know we can do it. So happy running...right behind you. 👣

I am doing couch to 5 k for the 4th time in my life, most recently because I was ill in March with suspected Covid and it really wiped out my fitness! You can do it again and no need to feel disappointed with what you can do now, you know you can build back up to 5k because you've done it before! I'd recommend seeing a physio when you can if you've had hip problems running before, they'll be able to recommend some exercises to keep your hips in good shape when you run

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