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Returning after a 4 month “break”


Hey all! I previously got to W6R3 (didn’t complete it) and am now looking to start up again. I’ve since quit smoking (2 months and counting...) and am unsure whether I should try and pick up where I left off or roll the program back a couple of weeks (or more?). Any advice really appreciated. I’m not a natural runner but really enjoyed the program before and look forward to completing it

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Hi, welcome back. Four months is quite a long break, how about starting with a gentle jog without headphones and see what your body says?

Well done on the non smoking 👏

Stormfront in reply to Speedy60


Hi! Welcome back. Massive well done on quitting smoking!

I’ve had a break since September. I’d graduated and managed a park run. Decided to go back to the beginning and see how it went. I enjoy the process anyway. Hadn’t really been tested until the first 3 minutes and then hello! Needed to pace it. I suggest you try week 1. You could always move quickly onto W2. Good luck. Hope all goes well.

You could try one run from each week until you get to where you need to do all the runs to progress, you might surprise yourself


Good for you - quitting smoking and restarting Running - I had a xmas break that lasted longer than intended and tho I’d just graduated the first couple of jogs were very hard .. so I’d do a couple of shorter runs from week 6 onwards and build on it - I’m persevering with the 30 mins runs now and still need Laura’s encouragement but its getting easier and your runs will too - good luck 🏃🏼🏃🏼

Thanks for all of the advice and support. I rolled the program back 2 weeks from where I’d left it and found that pretty comfortable. I was really surprised at how much fitness I had retained compared to how hard I found the program when I first started it. Thanks again for all of the support, onwards and upwards!

grumpyoldgirlGraduate in reply to Stormfront

Funny, I was going to say week 4 seems to have the right mix of running and walking to see how much fitness you've retained, it's my go-to if I've had to take a break. Happy running!

well done with the ciggy's, I have restarted couch to 5 k about 5 times. I have completed the course every occasion, but never felt strong enough to be effective after the 9 weeks are up to keep going. Going back to week one is great for helping motivation. just do as little or as much as you feel comfortable with.

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