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Back after 4 months!


I was about to graduate in May and twisted my ankle for the second time in eight weeks (not while running), so I have had a long break. Had begun to think I would never be able to get back into things. I have been walking and swimming to keep flexible and try and keep up my fitness. Last night when my husband got home from his run I decided to get back out there. Feeling a bit daunted I started at week three, it was fine! Hardly a major achievement but I am pretty happy, can't wait for my next run and to graduate in six weeks time!

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Hi Tara,

Getting back to it IS a major achievement! Well done for getting back on the horse 😀

I had a break from C25k between around November last year and restarted from the beginning in May time this year. It's taking me way longer than 9 weeks but nearly there and really enjoying it.

Fantastic that you kept up your fitness with other things 👍

Happy running!

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Hi Welshmumrun,

glad you are nearly there, I keep telling myself that it doesn't matter how long it takes to get there, moving and enjoying it is the main thing! Looking forward to hearing you have graduated. Keep it up.


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Thank you, did my first week 8 run properly this morning. It doesn't bother me too much now if I don't complete a run now as I more base it on how I was feeling and guess that that is how I will run once I graduate anyway.

You need to stick to some nice even ground now so you don't catch that ankle again!


Congratulations on your return! I know how happy I was to return to the program after an injury at W 8. have now worked my way back to week 7. Good luck😀


Great that you're back! I too made yet another come back today and went out for a jog. It's a bit scary isn't it as you have no idea if your injured body part will conk out again

Hopefully not! Keep up with the exercises!

You've managed to keep quite a lot of fitness if you can go straight back to Week 3. And this means you're much, much closer to the breakthrough point than you might think. Well done for getting going again after the old habits have had so much time to get a hold of you again.


Well done Tara. It's great that you could start again at w3. All your swimming obviously paid off. You'll be graduating again in no time :)


So... How's it going? No news good news, I hope. :D



Thanks for asking, the support really helps, I think.

So far so good! Week 7 r1 tonight and I felt like I was really 'running' (still v.slow) but not the plodding feeling that I have had for the last few weeks. I still had a little in the tank to speed up at the end so next time I might be able to pick up the p ace just a little!

Enjoyed reading your posts, great to hear how quickly you have progressed since graduation.



Ahh its amazing how the program steps up the runs as the weeks go by. You will be able to do it , i did :) You'll be willing the weeks to fly by , i promise you !


Yes, slightly scared of running without laura, but excited too!

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