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Time to get back on track after almost 4 months off!!


So, I completed the couch to 5k 4 months ago now and have let things slip....to say the least! I did a few free runs after graduating but since then, I have completely abandoned running!!! I'm at the point where I'm going to start up again as I miss the amazing benefits I gained from running (mainly sleeping better and feeling more positive about myself), so I thought I'd drop by and say hi :-) This group really helped me when I started out so I'm hoping to gain inspiration from you all once more :-)

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Well done for getting back to it......im sure it will be much easier for you to get through this time and your fitness will come back in no time 😀

KerrisueGraduate in reply to c1air3

Thank you! I hope you're right 🤞🤞


If you did it once, you can do it again - and again and again! It took a while to dawn on me that C25k isn’t just for beginners but is a useful structure anytime you want to restart or maintain. Great that you came first to the forum...good luck Kerrisue

KerrisueGraduate in reply to Gillma

Thank you Gillma :-)

Whoopee you’re back here and running: give yourself a clap on the back.


Well done.This is the second best decision of your life.🤔

The first time you got some rewards,quality sleep and lifted mood.Pleased for you.

This canbe a life changing experience.🤔

My top tip, re read all the FAQ Posts and members posts and replies, and find a gem that you take with you on your first run and a new one or a few , on all of your following runs.

Your are building a running body and a running brain.🤔

As you complete each training run, share your experiences and things you have learned, because remember these are gems for Newbies and all abilities also.

The C25k programme and community, is a jewel in the crown , in my opinion , of the NHS One You /Everthing HealthUnlocked/HealthUnlocked, Leadership to Health Journey.🌟

It is Amazing, but also amazing for me is how little is known if it.🤔🙈.

Mind blowing, world class, comprehensive gift for all.You name it in health and fitness and it has it all and more.

I am not amazed now, that it has the information and the gems to be life changing.

Go get the gems and share yours.

Enjoy your journey.👏👏

KerrisueGraduate in reply to Tbae

Thank you so much for this advice x I will post again tonight after my run 🏃 I'm actually quite excited now. I'm so pleased I wrote the post this morning as I'm now feeling motivated again 💪

TbaeGraduate in reply to Kerrisue

That’s great and remember you have to bring that motivation.👏👏Believe it.👍

The C25K forum does and has no doubts.

Mentor IT said he never feared a run only enjoyed.🌟

You will experience the reason also and enjoy.💨👏👏🌟


Yeay. welcome back.. we have a newbie post which may have some reminders in it for you :)


Slow and steady does it...( yes, I am still here:)


Thank you so much! Sadly it wasn't a good start as I didn't get home from work until gone 9pm ladt night and felt too lazy to go out jogging 😳 I'm in my running gear now and will head out during my lunch break 🏃

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