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First 5k after a month break


Well I graduated about 2 months ago then stopped runnin a month ago. Well now I'm back into the swing of it and have done 5k in 45 min 22 sec. Its really slow but Im happy I can run that long :). My goal is to reduce the time of my 5k and to do this I'm going to try and run every other day. With 2 day breaks here and there.

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Sounds like a great plan! Congrats on the 5k!


Well done! I graduated in August and am still consolidating 3p min runs - haven't had the courage to attempt 5k yet! You are an inspiration


Oops! 30 min runs ...


Well done, you will get there.

Don't go out trying to beat your 5k time on every run. 75% of your running should be at an easy pace. Have a look at this training plan Please don't start to run on consecutive days just yet, but looking at the type of training required to get the best out of your running and the sorts of pace that you should be employing, should help you plan your routine and build your strength.

As wise Oldfloss says, slow and steady wins the day, even when you are trying to get faster.

Slow but sure.... time unimportant for now, just keep getting out there and then one day you will look and hey presto the time has tumbled....


Thanks everyone. I'm going to run about 2 more 5ks then I think I'm going to start the sub 30 min 5k training plan on runkeeper. Will see how I feel about that one. That should take me just over 6 weeks. Then I'll see where I am then 😁. It's similar to what you suggested IannodaTruffe but with a day rest between each run.

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