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Returning after 5 week injury break


Hi all

I'm returning to my running after 5 weeks off with an achilles injury but am unsure how much I should be doing straight away.

Before the break I was running the full 5k, plus more on other days (I'd got up to 7k) so where should I restart? I went out on Friday and managed 20 mins running with no pain. Do you think I should just build this up from here or is it too much? I have no clue and there's so much conflicting info online.

Has anyone been in my situation?

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I had an Achilles injury and just built up gradually. If your 20 minutes seems ok and is pain free, then you should be fine. Just err on the cautious side and expect to be a month or two, at least, before you get back where you were.

Maintain a good stretching regime.


Not too much...:)

I have just replied to a similar post... I returned from a calf injury..finally off the IC on the 22nd July... two weeks ( Physio led regime) Slow, steady, no more than 20 minutes, walk/run... walk. hills, no ground that is too soft..:) It works.. :)

It is about knowing your body...if you are 'managing'.. maybe that is a tad too much... I just went so gently, it put a whole new meaning to the word, slow... and gradually over two weeks, each outing...I felt more confident and comfy!

Friday I did my first, no walking, run... 5K...( a couple of 3K before then), it was slow and wonderful... this morning.. a slightly speedier but very, very comfortable and enjoyable 4K...

My advice, as one who has, just made a comeback :) take it very gently at this will all come back to you and you will be back to where you were, happily and injury free:)

IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to Oldfloss

All spot on advice Oldfloss



And.. I forgot... as IannodaTruffe says, stretch , good warm ups, post stretch and roll too :)

universa_2kGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Fab advice, thank you.

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