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Returning after break


I have completed 6.5 weeks of couch to 5k, but have not been running for 4 weeks. Know I may need to repeat some earlier weeks, need advice on how far back to go

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Ditto this! I completed Week 9 (30 minute run) shortly before Christmas, but then didn't run for a week and have found to my dismay on my two runs since that I am struggling to run past 20 minutes. Would like some advice on how to ease myself back in.

helenwheelsGraduate in reply to Hidden

Just before Christmas graduation;? I don’t think this is about your fitness...I wonder if you have let self doubt creep in? Slow it right down and don’t overthink it. Just see how far you get at a snaily pace 🐌

Hidden in reply to helenwheels

Thanks, you could be right! Will see what happens on Wednesday :)

Runningbug in reply to Hidden

Try a free run, don’t use c25k app, Ijust run. I put my headphones on but no music, concentrated on my steps, it blocked out distractions, I stopped when I needed to, then carried on aas quick as I was able. Good luck


How about trying Week 5 run 2? Good luck 👍

Thanks, going out now, will slow down and see how far I get

Just gone for my run, managed 25mins with 2 walks of 30 secs each, think the obstacle was just in my head. Thanks everyone for your advice, good luck in your next runs

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