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Return after 3 months 😱


I graduated in April - went on holiday - came back and knew something was up. Blood tests revealed that as well as previously diagnosed Hashimoto's, I also have pernicious anaemia. I was started on B12 injections along with folic acid and iron.

I have not run a step since then 😩 I have "drop foot" on my right side along with limited mobility in my lower right arm. My confidence has just disappeared as I am prone to tripping over and am conscious of limping.

I have recently started back to yoga class and I am now keen to get back to running. I am lucky to have my own treadmill as I couldn't contemplate running outside at moment. I plan to start tomorrow and I know how wonderful this forum was when I was doing C25K - sorry for the long post! Happy running to all 🏃‍♀️

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Welcome back! Really sorry to hear about all the difficulties you’ve been experiencing. Sounds like you’ve had a miserable time of it recently. As you say, this forum is a great source of support, we’ll all be here for you as you restart your running journey. Fingers crossed your confidence will come come back as you work through the program. Good luck, you’ve done it before and you’ll do it again. 👍😊


Glad to have you back for a run. Take care and do it your way. I admire your determination. 😀


Sounds like you have had a rough time of it. Welcome back and good luck. 😚


Hear, hear, hope it goes well, keep us posted on your progress

Well done!!!!! You are doing amazingly!!! Good luck for your first run back and let us know how you get on!!


Welcome back and good luck with your running :)

Slowwwwww and steady. The gentle exercise will help your drop foot. Maybe hold on to the treadmill’s handrails so you don’t take a tumble. Good luck!

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