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Returning after a month


Wondering if anyone has advice on the best way to get back into couch to 5k after a month break? The last time I ran was 29th March and I completed week 7 run 2. Everything got busy and then I got ill so I haven't run for a month. Any tips for my first run back tonight? I'm nervous!

Thanks, all!

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I can only say what I did...I did week 3 Run 1. It was no probs so I then went to week 4for my second wasn’t so easy so that’s where I continued from. You will have lost some of the fitness( I believe its if you are longer than 2 weeks...but I maybe wrong) but not all it’s a case of dipping your toe in...and remember slow slow...x

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Thank you! It's reassuring to hear from someone who has done the same. I'll see how I get on!

Maybe drop to the week before to build up again, I should think you need to replay too far back! I’ve done some repeat runs along my journey just for fun when I’ve needed to and it helps keep you get that’s motivation and running rhythm back.

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Great, thanks! I considered going back but didn't know how far! Maybe one week is about right, as you say.


I would just maybe drop back a week and see how you get on. It took my longer than nine weeks to complete

good luck and happy running


The guide to the plan suggests just going out to see what you can manage. We are all different so nobody can give you firm instructions.

Take care, go slow.

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