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Festive running plans.

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What plans do you have for running over the festive break.

To kick things off I am planning on running the charity GOAL mile on Christmas morning with my son, his girlfriend, her mum and a few more.

On St.Stephens Day we will do a fun 5k .

On Friday 27 we will do a 6k cross country run/hike which finishes with a sauna in a wood fired forest hut and a plunge in the freezing river to get the blood flowing.

All this came about because of couch to 5k!! I never before would have tagged along with my son as they are super fit freaks, but I'm so chuffed to be able to at least try to join with them in this running for fun lark.

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Just W7R3 for us on xmas morning :-)

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Rungranny in reply to SteveWebbo

Excellent, to keep going through the program even on Christmas day.

That's dedication.

I'm a very sociable person who runs alone. So I'll run at about 7 am ish every other day...I think I run alone cos I'm such a slow runner.

Me too , normally on my own. But these fun runs people will be running, jogging, walking with kids, dogs etc so wont be the slowest ( hopefully)

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That 6k with sauna and plunge sounds amazing! So lovely to be able to join in with your family 😊

Yes, it does sound amazing, the reality might be somewhat different.🥶

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JazzyrunnerGraduate in reply to Rungranny


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What wonderful runs you have planned, I love the sound of your forest run. I started festive runs yesterday when we arrived for 3 days of family visits. Booked into hotel and hubby and I changed straight into kit. Ran 3½ k to his parents care home, then shorter 2k back gaining a new 1k PB in the process. Christmas day I plan a run round daughters village, family will no doubt run too but at a faster rate than me. Home again to crazy busy friday but hope to fit in a quick trot maybe in local woods. Happy running everyone

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Rungranny in reply to Grannyhugs

Sounds like a plan. Enjoy your visit to family.

That sounds amazing. I've always run alone, but what a lovely thing to share. Enjoy!

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Rungranny in reply to JoDak

Me too, I'm usually alone. So this will be a new experience.

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Good luck on the charity goal mile rungranny. I’m going to attempt my 1st 10k Xmas morning.

Wow. That's way to far for me. You certainly will have earned your Christmas dinner.🎅👍🍽

Sounds very energetic. I’m going to try and crack week 4 before I go back to work on 7 Jan. Good luck on yours and merry Christmas

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Just got back from completing wk8 run1. Did it today as plan to have Xmas day and Boxing Day off to eat, drink and be merry!! Run2 on the 27th.

Merry Xmas everyone and enjoy your Xmas runs🎄 🏃‍♀️

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Graduation run/first parkrun on Christmas morning!

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AlMorrGraduate in reply to AnyUser

Good luck for your graduation run and first parkrun on Christmas Day, that will certainly be one of the happiest Christmases for you ever after you graduate

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AnyUserGraduate in reply to AlMorr

Thank you!

Congratulations. Enjoy the great atmosphere at Parkrun.

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