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My running year!

Hi all!

I started running in Feb 2012 with a friend. I had watched my brother and son go for a new year's run from our house, and thought - Could I do that? Do I need to pay £50 per month to the gym?

My friend found Couch25k and off we went. Managed to get my badge by June but then injured my back and couldn't run for a few weeks. Then began from the beginning again! I'm now back running 5k (just!) and thoroughly enjoying myself. It's definitely part of my life now. Not bad for a previous non-runner of 62.

So, on New Year's Day I shall be out for a run. Strangely enough, my son has hurt his shoulder and my brother has a trapped nerve, so I may be on my own!!!

Happy New Year to you all

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HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! We are planning a New Tears day run also! Wishing you a successful and running-full 2013! Gayle


Am I a wimp for not fancying a New Tears Day run... hahahaha?


What a difference a year makes! So glad for you that you will be out there on January 1st, congratulations on a year spent running!


You are an inspiration! Doing the programme twice - impressive. Enjoy your New Year's Day run. :)


I think you should have a double graduate status happy new year


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