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Hi all you blogeroos!

I've decided to do something really "out there" for my graduation run tomorrow. After 9 weeks with Luscious Laura cooing in my ear, I've decided that the biggest run of my life to date (unless you count running for the H37 bus in 2005 which I missed by a whisker -made me late for work) will be without the NHS Choices poster girl brunette. I've made a playlist with my own music. There's some pumping choons on there to get me in the mood with Bowies "Heroes" on the final leg of the run. I'm hoping that it'll do the trick and I won't miss Laura egging me on.

One thing I certainly WILL NOT miss is that flamin' awful "Me and Julie" song which starts Podcast W9. That drives me so mad.

As a cunning trick my meagre brain, I'm going to reverse the running route that I did for RUN 2 in the hope that my brain / legs connection will think it's a new route. That hopefully will allow me to try and break my personal world record time of 29'24sec for 5K! Yeah baby!

I will report back on my progress. I'm feeling nervous. Slightly apprehensive even. But I've come so far in just 9 weeks of running, I'm sure I can do it. Considering I had approx 1,820 weeks of NO RUNNING whatsoever (I worked that out - it's about 35 years!!).

See you on the other side folks!


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Hi Dan, Not trying to trump you but I'm a 2000+ weeks of no running bloke


WOW! Take care out there. It's a jungle...


Yes I understand your feeling nervous of the last run. I worried all night on Tuesday before I did mine next morning. You'll be fine...enjoy the great feelings afterwards


Just make sure you have bubbly in the fridge, or a beer or whatever is your tipple ready, to celebrate! Good luck, though you don't need it.


Must confess I am looking forward to leaving the lovely Laura behind after the next 4 runs - I have already been planning my playlist. Trouble is I know I will get a bit carried away with some of the songs on my playlist and will probably end up running too fast :) Who cares!


Dan your blogs are always entertaining reading you have what I would call a wicked sense of humour. Good luck for your graduation run, I'm sure you'll do it in great style. Whatever happens after please don't leave this site your keep on posting and telling us how you are getting on. :)


Thank youso much! My intentions are to keep posting until the bloke who runs the website begs me to stop!

Alez moi au'jourd hui!


Good luck for tomorrow Dan, though having read your earlier blogs, you will be just damn fine.

I too have started planning my graduation run as well. I have decided to drive out from home to a different country park, and go for two laps of the lake. That should be just over 5K, so with a bit of luck I won't conk out before the 30 mins are up.

Music though I hadn't planned for that. Leaving Laura my running chum at home. Unthinkable, but I guess we would have to part at some time. Now, I guess my musical tastes are a bit diverse, rock, folk-rock, new age. Tricky. Your closing track of 'Heroes' sounds like a particularly apt track to romp to victory. I have this vision of a runner collapsed on their knees belting it out at full volume. Bathing in their own well deserved glory. Go for it!

So, what else have you chosen?


Ooh music! Well .... Being a bit of an old git I've got the funky vibes of Le Freak by Chic, Billy Bragg with "sexuality" and a 70's disco track by Dan Hartman "Instant Replay"!!! I even remember when that track was COOL!!

keeping the other tunes secret. There's only so much embarrassment a chap can take!!


Ahh fess up !! Lets hear your love of cheesy music Dan. Steps ? Rick astley ? Oh I know what will be on there.. Bucks fizz ? Youv got to speed it up... Lol ;-)

Good luck Dan, you can do it. Look forward to reading your grad blog !


I am soooooo jealous, just a few weeks ago we were doing the same runs at the same time. Now you are about to get your lovely Graduation badge and I haven't started week 9 yet!!

Good luck for tomorrow - I am sure you will do really well. Instant Replay eh! - brings back some happy memories. Probably got that one somewhere, might add it to my playlist. :)

Happy running!


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