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Did my run this morning and was cautious due to having a wee niggle at the top of my thigh on Monday. Managed the run but oh my gosh I clock watched from about 8 mins in!! Kept thinking I needed to stop but I knew it was just my mind playing tricks! I thought to myself, I don’t feel out of breath and I don’t feel like my muscles are on fire... KEEP GOING! And I did... not sure why today was a harder run but I guess some days are just like that. Friday is my 1st run outside, wish me luck 😬 hope I last the 25 mins cos everyone saying it’ll be harder 😰

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You're right some runs just feel tougher than others sometimes.

Good luck with your first outside run. Just go slow and slower again , you are in charge of your pace . 😊

I did Wk7R1 earlier and I was exactly the same. Thought my lungs would burst with about a minute to go and can’t really understand why it was so hard today. At least we both did it!!!

Have you been running on a treadmill then, so far??

You will be fine on Friday you’ve already smashed it so far!! 😊

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CJMummaGraduate in reply to SuzieMac

Yes, I’ve only ever ran on the treadmill and I’m really scared I won’t be able to run outside 🙈 I’m a terrible over-thinker and have gone through so many scenarios in my head!! On Friday I’m running with a friend who is also doing c25k but she says she runs slower than me so I’m going to use her as my pacer haha. Fingers crossed I don’t trip over my feet 😱

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SuzieMac in reply to CJMumma

You’ll be awesome! I’m looking forward to seeing your post after you’ve done it!!

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Outside is great, as long as you wear layers. Just put 1 foot in front of the other as you've done on every run so far. Enjoy your run

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CJMummaGraduate in reply to Grannyhugs

I’m worried how I’ll carry water! I sip all throughout my runs but my friend says she doesn’t take water but gets very dehydrated. My bottle is big so won’t fit in my pocket. Any ideas what I can do? I feel ill prepared for this but can’t afford new running equipment right now with Xmas!! Aaargh

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Ssasqueen in reply to CJMumma

You could just run with a water bottle in your hand. I did that at first but I don’t take water now and don’t miss it. Just a cup of tea before I go and two cups of tea In quick succession when I get back

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CJMummaGraduate in reply to Ssasqueen

Maybe I will just make sure I’m plenty hydrated before I run as I want to concentrate on my breathing so the less distractions the better! Trial and error I guess and if I like running outdoors then I will need to look at some new running gear in the January sales 😆

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GrannyhugsGraduate in reply to CJMumma

I run with a bottle in my hand if I'm on a long run. It just sloshing around a bit but gives me the confidence that I have it with me. Good luck

I don’t take water either, just make sure your well hydrated before you go and when you get back and you’ll be fine! I find when I run outside I run much faster as I can’t set the pace so just be cautious of that and if you feel you’re going a little fast just consciously slow down. Good luck! I have my first run of week 7 tomorrow!

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CJMummaGraduate in reply to coconutsandrice

Yeah that’s the thing, on the treadmill I set my pace and then don’t really worry! I will definitely try and stay slow. Think I’m more worried about feeling the ground much less forgiving than the treadmill. Hope my old joints can handle it!!

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Well done for your run today. I’ve only ever ran outside (I’m wk7d2). It certainly helps with distraction and planning out different paths is good also. Something really refreshing being outdoors - and it’s free!!

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Yes, some runs seem much harder than others, don't know why. I suppose it's just like in real life - there a good days and there are bad days. I remember finding W7, R1 exceptionally hard, and then run 2 of the same week went so much better!

As for running outside, I have never run on a treadmill and can't give you any advice here, but I should think that it will at least provide some distraction, so the run might not seem as long. 😉 Enjoy your run! 😊

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Harder? Easier? Who knows. I've only done one treadmill run and hated it. Physically it was easier, but I found the mental struggle almost impossible and the gym, sweltering.

Try to pick a flat route away from traffic and you'll be fine. Don't be fooled by the temperature when you leave the house - five minutes in and you'll be peeling off your clothes. I like to wear two long sleeved walking base layers so that I can have zips up or down, sleeves up or down, one on, one off (never two off 😳). I don't particularly like lap routes, every time I go past the car, or the end of my road, I have to talk myself into continuing. I love running outdoors, it's an adventure every time.👍

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Well done you, you will be fine outside like everyone said just pace yourself, I'd be more worried about running with someone, lol. I dont take any water with me and I make sure my route is relatively flat too. Good luck and will look forward to hearing how it went 😊

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Expect to get muddy! As everyone is saying, try to go at a pace that feels right for you. You shouldn't need water as long as you drink lots today and before you go. Wear thin layers you can peel off and tie round your waist if you get too hot. ENJOY being in the fresh (hopefully!) air. It will be great.🏃‍♀️💦💨🌞🌦🌨🌩🌪🌬❄🌈 😁

Well done you. I’ve just done my first 25 min run but before I finally went to do it I made all sort of excuses as to why I couldn’t go.

Finally got the courage and off I went in the pouring rain. At half way I turned round and that’s when my mind went off the hurt and looking forward to getting home. I made it.

I was so wet my husband had to help me undress and my legs were a tad like jelly but like you, we made it. 💙💙💙

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I am roughly at the same stage as you - go us! Except it is utterly pouring with rain here, so I am doing Wk 7 run 2 tomorrow when the weather forecast is better. I have done it all outside, and my top tip (which I only discovered for week 7 run 1!) is download a funny podcast which lasts about half an hour. Then put the C25K app on and put your phone away from view. Then DON'T look at the time at all. Jo Whiley (or whoever) will butt in and tell you the time and what to do. Just run, look around (be nosey - I am!) and listen to the podcast. Also, don't decide on a fixed route; sometimes I just run down a road where I have never been before, find a dead end and turn round. I have discovered 3 play parks I never knew existed not far from our house, seen houses for sale that I fancy looking round, discovered new bits of town when I thought I knew it all pretty well, etc. Time goes SO much more quickly, and you can be amused and interested at the same time. Then you might even be surprised when the long run is over!

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It happens to all of us...we'll done on pushing through it! The bad runs are there to make us appreciate the good ones even more 😉🏃‍♀️👍

Good luck on Friday 😊

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I’ve never been on a treadmill- personally I think they look scary!! I hope you enjoy your final run for this week outside - just remember to look down occasionally so you don’t trip🤣🤣 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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