W1R1: Cabbaged but proud

I downloaded these podcasts about 2 years ago and tried it once half heartedly, not even completing run 1 and never went back to it. Yesterday I dug out my iPod, put on my runners, got the dog and the husband and we all went to the park. They played while I stumbled through the first run. I was slower than a tortoise in peanut butter but I did it and can't explain how proud I was of myself. I'm heavily overweight and hugely unfit but I feel like I'm on the path now. To keep me motivated I've signed up for a 5k 'Run or Dye' in the summer with a friend (who is equally unfit) as something we can achieve together. I never thought I would be someone who could run let alone enjoy it. I'll not be winning any medals for a while and I don't think usain has anything to worry about but I'm faster than I was the day before sat on the sofa and I'm determined, so for that I'm proud. Woohoo, fitter me here I come :)


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  • Great stuff and well done.

  • Congratulations! Good luck (and be prepared to start obsessing about running shoes - it happens to most of us). :-)

  • C25K is a really good programme. Try to get yourself into a routine on when you will run. Go really slowly and don't worry about speed or distance, the key is building the ability to keep going. It takes some people more than 9 weeks, and many (most) won't run 5k in 30 minutes at the end of it. It's great you have started, use the support on here (and from your family) to keep going. Well done for making the start.

  • Well, first of all well done for getting out and doing the first session. It's good you've signed up for a Run or Dye because it will give you motivation to keep going. Slow, slow, slow is the way to go...

  • That's great that you have started the programme again, well done. The hardest bit is done now, just stick with it, take it steady and you will soon see huge benefits. Its good that you have your run or dye to aim for too. Plenty of time to prepare for that. You should feel proud for getting out there, keep it up x :-)

  • Well done! Don't forget your feeling of pride in today's run, keep going and keep posting - we're all in it with you :-)

  • Oh yes! I did smile at that 'i'm faster than i was the day before sat on the sofa'!!

    I graduated just over a year ago and felt incredibly proud and like a proper runner by the end - you will get there too! i let it slide (i won't bore you with my list of crap excuses) but am starting again (again) and set off round the local park yesterday. It was pretty busy but i avoided eye contact with anyone. Run 2 tomorrow, i will think of you to help get me out the door.

  • Well done on getting out there. The hardest run is done. Keep posting on here. There are plenty of people with great advice and encouragement. I found this the best place (after my husband) for encouragement. Everyone on here has gone through the same progress. There will be someone on here with the answer to every question you can think of and some you would never of thought of :). I always find encouragement or a nudge on here either from posting or reading other posts. We are with you all the way :)

  • Thanks everyone :) :)

  • Cabbaged but proud.....made me chuckle :D x I'm there with you! I am even enjoying the day after achey legs :)

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