W1r1 finally completed!

I made it. I eventually ran the first run of them all. This was definitely a big hurdle for me to climb. I kept finding excuses: it's too hot, it's too wet, it's too late, I've got too much work to do etc etc etc. Well today after giving myself the I'm too tired spiel this morning I decided to finally stop listening to myself and get out there. Must say, I'm feeling very proud I managed to do it! I had more problems keeping my dog out of the stream we were running alongside than the run itself; and it was certainly entertaining running to Sarah milicans voice.

However, after about run 4 of 8 my shins started to get really tight and painful because they were so tight. Any tips to loosen them up? I'm not particularly surprised that my body complained, it was my first exercise in a long time, but I'm expecting a battle with my mind for each run, not my body too! Any help?


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11 Replies

  • Sorry no tips for sore shins but a big WELL DONE from a fellow newbie! I hope we can enjoy the journey together! You have done the hardest thing which is to get out there so keep it up. Run for yourself and remember slow and steady is the key. Keep posting so we can all support you. My second run is tomorrow and I am looking forward to it so let us know how your next run goes.

  • Good luck tomorrow you!!! x

  • My second one tomorrow too. Hips a tiny bit sore today but just gonna get on with it!!

  • Let me know how you get on!

  • Hi, congratulations on your first run. I would recommend looking up some gentle post run stretches to help, there are specific ones for various muscles. I would also recommend resting too. Make sure you take at least one rest day. I did week 1 and 2 over 3 calendar weeks as I was struggling with my knee's. Extra rest days have really helped and I am doing W3R1 tonight and currently have zero pain in my knee's. So if on Wednesday they are painful (more than just aching), don't feel bad about taking an extra day and recovering longer :)

  • Hi and very, very well done indeed! And for keeping the dog dry too!

    Your body, well, you are right, it says.. " What the heck are you doing to me?"

    So.. warm up well....our muscles need to be good to go! Then, take it as slow as you care to... cool down walk and stretching and strength exercises will all help too. Strength and Flex is a programme some of us used alongside this one.


    Try to relax and enjoy the runs.. try to land lightly too. there is so much to think about but you are on the way!

    Keep posting too!

  • Thank you, this looks good. Is it only podcasts though? Or is there an app for it?


  • WELL DONE! :) You are on your way - and 100% further from the Couch than you were :)

  • Yay well done you. Congratulations you should be very proud of yourself.

    Keep posting, I'm new to this exercise mularky too so am genuinely interested to read others updates as helps keep me motivated.

    Good luck, hope your shins feel better after your rest day. :)

  • My shins feel absolutely fine now! I stretched after my run before I sat down again and I definitely think that helped. I will try to remember to stretch both before and after on Wednesday!

    Definitely feeling proud of myself :D

  • The brisk warmup walk should be enough pre run, but definitely always after.

    You will soon get used to it.

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