Can't Believe How Much Progress I've Made!

Hi All, I've been an avid reader of everyone's blogs for the past few weeks, and although I've posted a few comments, I've never quite dared to come out from behind the scenes and write a blog myself! Anyway, I thought I'd start now, so I can remind myself how far I've come, and share my experiences with everyone else in this fantastic community which I've found so supportive.

By way of introduction, I'm 48, from the UK originally but now living in Ireland, and the mother of three teenagers. Over the past few years I'd let myself get overweight and unfit, and when a visit to the doctor flagged up raised blood pressure and a gentle lecture about my waistline, I knew I really had to do something about it. I'd come across C25K on the web a while ago, and had gone so far as to download it to my iPod. That consultation with my doctor finally gave me the impetus to actually get started.

So, Wk1R1 - I waited til dusk, pulled a baseball cap down over my eyes, put the dog on a lead so I could pretend I was just walking her, and off I went round the estate where I live. I didn't even tell my husband or kids that I was starting the plan, just sneaked out the door in my running gear. OMG that session was hard! I dreaded every one minute run even more than I dreaded meeting a neighbour while wearing running gear, but I did it. And the high I was on afterwards, from just one session, was amazing! Runs 2 & 3 were marginally better, again with the hat and the dog and at dusk.

Wk2 was a surprise. Kept the dog, but was confident enough to lose the hat, and actually found the week fairly easy.

I did the first run of Wk3 on the treadmill as I really didn't think I could manage 3 minutes outside, but it was fairly comfortable. I did the second run outside, but run 3 had to be on the treadmill again as the weather was so bad.

Week 4 seemed like a really big jump from Week 3, and again I wasn't sure I could do it. Eldest son (aged 18, but with a wise head on his shoulders) said he was sure it was just mind over matter and I should go for it on the treadmill first (I find running on the treadmill at a 1% incline is much easier for me than running outside). So that's what I did. It was tough, but with Laura's encouragement I got through it, and also the second run, again indoors because of heavy rain.

Finally, tonight I did Wk4R3 - I'm hugely pleased with myself: I ran one of the popular routes in our village, with no hat, no dog, and in lycra shorts!! And I met people I knew and wasn't embarrassed! At the end of the run I even felt there was more in the tank, but I knew not to push it (that can wait until next week!).

So that's my story so far. I felt so elated today after my run that I decided to start my blog. The difference 4 weeks have made is amazing: I feel much fitter, I am definitely more toned, not sure if I've lost weight but my jeans feel looser, knee pain has gone, I am much happier in myself and I know I can push myself to do more than I thought I could. My husband and kids are really proud of me, but the poor dog is absolutely gutted that I don't take her with me any more...

Thanks everyone on the site for your inspirational stories and support. It's wonderful to be part of such a great community!


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21 Replies

  • Good for you, role on week 5 :)

  • Thanks! I'll let you know how I get on...

  • Well done for all your hard work so far and welcome to the group.

  • Thanks for being so supportive!

  • My first one tonight, felt good & now you are my inspiration x

  • Good for you getting started. If I can do it, anyone can!

  • Well done! You've not lived until you've run in heavy rain... it is really a lot more fun than you'd think.

  • Thanks for the support! As for the rain, what if it's like a car wash out there?? But I agree, I must give it a go in the rain sometime.

  • Well done! Maybe we should start a self-help group for deserted dogs - mine isn't allowed to come either, we'd have to stop at every lamppost and tree if I took him along!

  • You have to feel sorry for them don't you - mine gets all excited when she sees me in my running gear, and looks deeply hurt when I go out without her. Unfortunately, she's a springer spaniel and they run this way and that using their noses to follow interesting scents, and I found I was in serious danger of falling over her, plus she kept getting the lead tangled round my legs - so she has to stay home boo hoo!

  • Massive well done!! I find it inspiring what people on here can do in such a relatively short space of time - gives me hope! Keep up the good work and carry on enjoying yourself :)

  • Well done to you, too. Keep it up - if I can, so can you!

  • Well done indeed, its amazing how quickly it can grab you isn't it?

    I think there needs to be a 'first run in lycra' badge as well :-D I think that's a big moment in its own way. I took to about week 7 I think.

  • It does grab you quickly doesn't it? I'm actually looking forward to W5R1 tonight!! The lycra shorts thing was a big moment indeed, but they are more comfy than track pants. Love all your comments on the site by the way!

  • What a lovely blog. Very inspiring for those feeling self-concious in the early weeks. I know I certainly did! Keeping writing!

  • Thank you! I'll let you know how W5 goes... First run later tonight...

  • Well done, it's great to hear your story - know what you mean about the "secret runner" thing - I still tend to go out early mornings or after tea - unless it's Friday or Saturday when anyone out for weekend revels might find the sight of me plodding along amusing! I'm still pre-lycra! Anyway, fantastic progress - keep in touch.

  • Think you're at around the same stage as me - just starting Wk5? I'm finally starting to "come out of the closet" about the running now, because I can see it's making a difference and it looks like I'm going to stick with it. The lycra shorts are only possible with a very long T shirt at the moment though!

  • Glad you come out of the shadows to share, it isn't as scary as we all imagine at the beginning is it...enjoy next week

  • It's hard to believe at the beginning how much we can achieve in a few weeks, isn't it? I see you've managed W5 - wish me luck!!

  • Good luck with week 5, you will feel a real sense of achievement :-)

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