Back to the future......with Week 5!

Back to the future......with Week 5!

Hello everyone,

I am indeed Zac and Sophie's grandma, and my name in RL is Moira. Started C25K about 9 weeks ago, and everything went really well until the second run of Week 7, when my left knee started to hurt like mad. I attempted run 3 but only got as far as 20 minutes, then I had to stop. I limped to the end of the podcast, and then back to my car (I run on a local Common about 10 minutes drive from home.)

I decided to give my knee a rest for a few days. My knee was a good bit better this morning, but I couldn't bear the thought of running for 25 minutes so I went back to Week 5. I got through run 1 OK, my knee is no worse but really no better. Not sure where to go from here...continue Week 5, take some more rest.....I know that if I go to my GP he will tell me to stop. A year ago he said to me, "Exercise, but whatever you do, don't jog, you will knacker your knees." (I had no issues with my knees at the time.)

Really want to get to the end of C25K.


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5 Replies

  • Is it the impact that gives you pain ? Would you be able to use a cross trainer or bicycle to keep fit while your knee recovers? If you don't want to see the GP, can you stretch to seeing a sports physio who will actually understand that you want to get out running again ? Did you have gait analysis when you bought your running shoes ?

  • Hello sfb, thanks for your reply. Don't know if it's the impact, today I had some pain when I started to run, then it wore off as I was running?? No access to cross trainer or bicycle, am thinking about the sports physio, I think it would be a good idea, and also the gait analysis and maybe new running shoes, although the ones I have are quite comfy - and expensive. x

  • If you go for the gait analysis first you might get free advice about your knee and not have to splash out on the sports physio. Just a (devious) thought :-)

  • Sports therapist well worth it. I charged on ( not literally! ) through C25k, graduated then realised what I had done to my knees. It didn't hurt when running but in the hours and days after. They were so stiff and painful that I had to hang on to the banisters and go down the stairs one at a time.

    Sports therapist said no running for 2 weeks but gave me stretching and strengthening exercises and said cycling and walking ok. She costs £35 per session but beware, when they massage the legs and the muscles are tight, boy does it hurt!!

    She seemed peasantly surprised when I suggested going right back in the podcasts (returned to week 2 but walking and faster running) to ease back gradually. I think they are used to treating competitive athletes who don't want to go backwards and while it isn't what I would have chosen I am doing this to keep fit and enjoy, not to knacker my poor old body!

    Good luck. Let us know hope you get on but don't run if it is hurting!

  • Thanks to everyone for the helpfull comments. Will start looking round for a physio next week. Can't run this weekend - Zac and Sophie are being christened on Sunday, so yours truly and OH are off to Chertsey for the weekend. Will let you know how I get on. x x

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