In the beginning

Have always said cant run hate running not built to run will never be able to do it am too old I am not sporty etc. However perversley have always admired people who can and do run. Last week was inspired on a whim to join this programe after hearing someone on tv who sounded just like me say they were going to give it a go. I am overweight and totally unfit so it was with imense trepidation that i pulled on my trainers and hit the streets one week ago. I went were i saw no one for fear of looking ridiculous and so that no one saw my horrendous running face. Well guess what one week on i have completed week 1 have survived have achieved it and most importantly enjoyed it. My efforts have encouraged a friend to join me so have decided to repeat week 1 with her so we are both at the same point. We went tonight and amazingly it made me realise just how far i had come in one week. My running face is more relaxed and no longer resembles a screwed up hanky

my stride has improved my pace is a bit quicker i can run and talk at the same time !!!!! and my breathing has improved immensley. I can totally not believe it. Our goal is a park run and we both want to run on the beach together when are families holiday together later this year. I am hoping i can keep the enthusiasm going through the next stages. Wish me luck. And to everyone out there if i can do it anybody can


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  • You've done the hardest part, starting! You will now find it impossible to stop, this thing is addictive. Post your progress as often as you can, it really helped keep me motivated and so helpful when things didn't go to plan. We will celebrate and commiserate with you all the way.....but mostly we celebrate! Yippeee!

  • Well done you are on your way. It is amazing this programme and this site is just great. It is there for you 24/7. Even when you feel alone there is somebody who will help you through. Happy running. You can do it. Trust Laura.

  • well done both of you for getting off the couch. I'm sure you'll do well.

    I too am too unfit, too old, too fat, and too lazy. Built for comfort not speed. I have never done sport, except for a bit of swimming when I was in my teens (40+ years ago). But I too have always envied people who can run. Well now I have graduated and kept running. I do 3 or 4 runs each week and I hate it when I miss a run.

    So I hope to see a post from you both in a couple of months (and more in the meantime) giving your times for your first parkrun.

  • Well done on starting and encouraging your friend to run with you too. Your progress through this program will amaze you I'm sure, just as it has amazed so many of us on here. Keep running, keep posting. This is a great forum for encouragement etc when you need it. Happy running :)

  • The best part about this awesome program is that, by the third run of the first week, regardless of how unfit you may have been before starting, it will seem like child's play for you! Keep going and keep believing!

  • Well done - you've done the hardest part already. Remember to enjoy your running.

  • Well done you, I graduated this week, took me about 13 weeks to complete but yay I did, repeated week 3 several times as that's a big change. Good that you can run & talk at the same time I can't even now!! Keep up the running I pushed myself not to give in as I kept saying to myself the only person I'm cheating on is my self, & that's what kept me spurred on😊

  • Thanks to all for taking the time to comment. Looking forward to our next session tomoro although my friend feels like she has been pummelled in a washing machine. My next challenge is to work out how to use this site properly as am a total tecno phobe. As i am already enjoying all the posts on here need to make sure i continue to contribute. An added bonus today was wearkng a pair of trousers that i couldnt fasten two weeks ago. So the healthy eating and starting this programme is already paying off. Anyone out there in any doubt whatsoever just give it a whirl.

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