Back to the Beginning.......Again

So in January I got to week 5 and then started to suffer Plantar Fasciitis in my left foot. That subsided a bit so I got back into the program and promptly twisted by right knee. Both injuries were better about a month ago so I restarted the program from the beginning. Two weeks in I got side-tracked by family issues (three bereavements in as many weeks) so I fell off the wagon. Hopefully now the injuries and family stuff is behind me, for the time being at least, so I've started back at week 1 again. I ran W1R1 yesterday and will do W1R2 tomorrow.

I will get there. It's just taking a little longer, but I know from experience how good the support is on here.


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7 Replies

  • Hi there Sarah! So sorry about your family problems, what an unhappy time. XX I'm so glad you're back here again though and getting back into the programme. You really can't have any more trouble getting through this programme than I've been having .... I'm on my FOURTH attempt to get through the programme, so far this time I'm back at the start of week 4. My best effort so far in the previous goes was the start of week 6. I'm trying this time to do the programme outdoors, having before mostly used the treadmill: I find running outside much more difficult and mentally when I'm running outside my mind says "STOP!!!" almost as soon as I start. I think that since we last exchanged notes here I've tried my very first Parkrun. I pretty well walked all of it but it wasn't at all scary like I had imagined it would be. The people were super friendly and there was a gang at the back who like me were either completely or mostly walking it. I was close to the back but just a tad short of being last, but hey I did it. I'm intending to go on my second 5K Parkrun (walk!) this Saturday all being well. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep posting ... and like my super-fit marathon runner lady has said to me I'll say to you: "DON'T YOU DARE GIVE UP ... you won't forgive yourself if you do" David x

  • Hi David,

    I did W1R2 this morning reasonably easily. Well done on getting to W6 previously. I've tried moving to running outside and found it really difficult so am back on the treadmill for the time being. I found it hard to regulate my pace and probably set off too fast, whereas the treadmill keeps a nice even pace for you. Maybe once I get further along in the program I'll give it another go. I also think that the treadmill is a bit kinder on my poor old knees! I do feel much better for getting back into the gym routine this week, and might even book a personal trainer session next week. I know what I'm doing on the treadmill but don't have too much gym focus aside from that so could probably be much more effective than I am.

    I'm hugely impressed with your park runs, everything I've heard about them has said how friendly and supportive everyone is. If I can get further along in the program and make the switch to running outside I'll definitely try a park run, and there are a few other interesting 5k runs around us later in the year too. Sarah x

  • I've used a personal trainer in the gym for some time now, recently about every 3 weeks. He's been great, I have a proper structured core workout routine, don't always stick to it but I'm happy to have it. Repeat sessions with him keep me "honest"! Like you I find running outdoors very much harder than the treadmill, so much so that my mind does literally start screaming "NOOOOO!" almost the moment I start running outdoors. Because I'm so fed up with myself having to keep repeating this C25K programme I decided that this (fourth) time I'd try to get past the "outdoors" barrier as well (barmy or what?). Trust me, Parkruns are great and there's no drama even if you slot in at the back and walk all the way, they aren't in the slightest bit scary which is what I had imagined they would be.

  • I've bitten the bullet and booked at personal trainer session for Monday morning. Picked up the phone while I was feeling brave enough!!

  • GREAT, WELL DONE. Again a thing I'd never done before but I found I really enjoyed the sessions (still do) and being encouraged and pushed a bit was a wonderful feeling. ENJOY MONDAY'S SESSION.

  • Sorry you've been having a rough time - good luck with the rest of the programme.

  • Thank you. Feeling much better for getting back into the routine already.

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