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after surgery waiting for w1r1... long post

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Hi from Switzerland

I started c25k in july and went for an run every second day until middle of week 5. Then my two disc prolapses in my neck didn't allow me to do sports since middle of august.

In the end I needed a severe surgery from the front side with implantation of metall and stiffening :-( - done 6 weeks ago and a time of immobilisation and pain followed...

As I was not allowed to do physiotherapie for my neck or anthing else causing vibrations, I asked, what I coud do after some weeks.

I am allowed to go for a walk (sadly nordic walking hurts) - cycling on my hometrainer without using my arms - and happily walking on my treadmill.

As I gained a lot of weight (I was only eating once a day - namely 24 hours...

So I started to walk 3 times a week on our treadmill with a little incline of 4 and speed of 4.5 km/h for 30 minutes. I found a second pair of my running shoes with a super end season price online and ordered them for inhouse training.

Aswell I do some gymnastics for my legs and backside.

After 12 weeks, I hope I will be able to start again with c25k and will be fit enough as I try to get fitness/stamina. As I can't walk a road with a gradient downwards, I hope, the vibration of running will be possible in january (well maybe, because I dont look like an elf or a fairy - more like the marshmello man from ghostbusters)

. What makes me afraid aswell is, that I have to change my posture or my budy during walking totally...

If somebody would have told me half a year ago, that I will miss sports especially running, I would have loughed out loud. But I really miss it and I am looking forwards to be graduated one day - and now ---- small steps --- I hope, that I will be able to run again at the beginning of the year...

Just wanted to say, I didn't give up in week 5 and will go on asap..

Meanwhile walking helps - I hope.

Many greetings from Switzerland


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Good luck Petra. You certainly have been through the mill but hopefully your surgery and rehab will enable you to have a whole new lease of life!

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Hello Pepe_1971 . I hope your recovery goes well and some time in the future you can get back to running. . Good luck 😊😊

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Best of luck to you! I really hope the new year brings a new start with c25k and your journey to fitness. Proper rest and recovery is so important, look after yourself x

I hope your recovery goes to plan. I am a firm believer that the best road to recovery is a full one, it is not wise to cut corners and get out there too soon. I had surgery and had my stomach muscles cut, I was told it would be 12 weeks, at the end of 12 weeks they added more in. I am so glad I took the extra time as my return to running was smooth and easy after all the allocated time. Take your time and you will be strong and fit again before your know it. Look after yourself. Rfc x

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I can totally empathise with your feelings, but patience is always required and is only sensible to ensure that your body is in a fit state to cope with the impact of running when you restart.

To minimise the impact, keep pace nice and slow, avoid heelstriking, keep footfall under your body, run on grass or treadmill and wear proper running shoes fitted after a gait analysis.

You will return.

Hi again

Thank you for your tipps! I don‘t have to worry about the pace, as i am slower than any snale anyway.

Befor i startet, i had a analysis in a runners shop with the result of super comfortable running Shoes.

I will take care, that i avoide the impact of heelstriking-thank you!

When i run outside, i use paths in nature and in winter anyway our treadmill , because i often suffer from bronchitis in winter.

When i run next time i will have an inner eye on the footfall.

And try to be patient while gaining a little fitness with fast walking on the treadmill.

Greetings from switzerland


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Oh crikey, what a time of it you’ve had 🤨. It must have been awful 🙁

I hope you’re on the mend and enjoying your way back to fitness. You can’t hurry things, so take care and don’t be in a rush

Good luck 🙂👍

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That sounds like an awful experience. Glad you are kn the road too recovery and really hope that you are able to get back on it in the new year. Be careful with yourself! 😁

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Good luck with your recovery, and hopefully you’ll eventually be up and running soon 😁

This sounds like you have determination to be healthy. That's an excellent outlook. I wish you well in your healing and for a speedy reconnection to the C25K program soon.

Hi Pepe, I too had an enforced break after reaching w8. Am starting back at w4 and now done two runs. Hope your recovery is going well and you are close to return x

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Pepe_1971 in reply to Mummyeil

Goodmorning Mummyeil

My recovery is going as well as possible - means, still pain and movement limitation in my neck for the rest of my life :-(. I will not be able to do some things I love again - like mermaiding and others - even TV watching is difficult...

As my nerv is still irritated, I have to be very carefull, but I decided to give it a try with week 1 run zero tomorrow... means: walking and faster walking intervalls tomorrow......

And maybe trying for some moments to run - checking my spine position while doing it...

No loose and relaxed head and so on...

After my try, I ll open a post...

Greetings from Switzerland


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