Just getting going - braving a sports shop!

Being inspired by others on here, I decided I really needed to get myself some footwear that was more suitable than my work shoes. So I was brave, and went to a proper sports shop, and they were lovely and didn't make me feel daft when my answer to 'How much do you run' was 'not at all yet'. (I used to get put in the 'novelty' races at school, because I was so awful at running and anything else remotely sporty, so a sports shop is not a place where I feel too comfortable!)

They did offer me the chance to go on a treadmill for gait assessment, but as it was getting late, and I'm a coward, I declined that opportunity. Maybe next time I'll sample the delights of the treadmill. This time I went for having my feet looked at, and trying on various shoes.

Anyway, now I've got to work out how long it'll take to wear them in... Decided to go out in the dark (feeling very self-conscious with shiny-white shoes) with my ipod, and give week 1 day 2 a go, but prepared to stop and walk the moment anything didn't feel right.

So I managed the first run, but changed to walking again half way through the second 60s - which sounds pathetic, but I do not want blisters or injuries! In the end I managed 4 1/2 of the eight 60s runs, which I was happy with, considering the new shoes.

I'll wear them around the house tomorrow, and see how things go. I don't mind if it takes me several weeks to get up to the end of 'week 1' anyway.

Maybe it will encourage someone else sometime, that even things that seem simple, sometimes need to be taken in baby steps. Thanks for all the encouragement I've gained from reading others' blogs.


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15 Replies

  • Well done, Greenlegs. Before you know it, you'll have a green graduation badge. Keep at it - do it at your own pace, but make sure that you push it too. You've made a commitment by spending money on some proper running shoes - that means you're a proper runner.

    I look forward to reading how you're getting on. Yes. that is an order!! ;-)

  • He he. "I am a proper runner." I like that, thank you! My new mantra...

    Once the shoes are worn in, and my knees, ankles and hips are behaving nicely, I will indeed push it too!

  • They shouldn't really need much wearing in at all - none of mine ever really did, felt comfy from the off...

    Have fun!

  • Yes, take your time! I've heard about so many people that have started running and then given up because they injured their knees/shins/ankles/hair by doing too much too soon. You'll soon figure out how much you can push yourself.

  • Yay welcome to the program! You will be fine just keep doing your best and the rest will see to itself :)

  • Thank you for the welcomes.

    I've just been web-browsing and have been learning about minimalist shoes - goodness, another whole new world! All very interesting too:


  • Well done for getting started! Don't worry, you will get there. It took me 50 runs to graduate rather than the standard 27, but it didn't matter, because here I am with a graduate badge - and you will get one too! Keep checking in here to let us know how you're doing :)

  • Well done. The hardest thing is getting off the sofa to start... I had to repeat week 1 for three weeks as I couldn't manage all the run parts. Yet since then I have managed to work through week by week. I am on week 8 now and ran for 28 minutes. This program works. :-)

  • Very encouraging! Congratulations too - 28 minutes sounds a long way off from here, but I know it is possible!

  • Well done! I too braved a running shop yesterday - I've been using a pair of good shoes I bought from Amazon, but felt I needed an assessment. Despite the fact I'm a C25K graduate I felt a bit out of place, but the assistant couldn't have been more helpful, and I now have a nice new pair of shoes for my husband to give me for Christmas. And what's more, when she put them through the till they were £40 cheaper than expected!

  • £40 cheaper - must be a bargain then! May you get many miles of pleasure from them.

  • I love that you bought your own pressie from your husband ;-) I write a very comprehensive 'wish list' including where to get things, what size, etc.....

  • I didn't do the treadmill gait assessment thing, I just chose some running shoes that felt comfortable and I have to say, they've been great right from the start. I think perhaps I was lucky and I almost feel like buying another pair just so I have them for when the first pair are worn out.

  • Thank you all. It is lovely to feel so many people are cheering me on. Especially Annie - very encouraging to hear it is possible to get there even if it takes a bit longer.

  • well done for getting started and for braving the shops. It can seem a bit daunting, but the staff in the running shops seem to be mostly running enthusiasts, so they are encouraging and knowledgeable, exactly what we need in the early stages of training.

    As others have said, be patient with yourself, stick to the plan and don't be afraid to repeat a run if necessary, but don't repeat them too much. The achievements between one week/run and another all add to the richness and success of the plan. You can do it. Many of us didn't think we could really do it at the start, but look how many green badges there are around here. You'll have one in a few months too, good luck! :-)

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