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What Other Sport/Exercise do you do?

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Hi all,

After reading a few running magazines and forums it seems that lots of people do other sports or exercise to help them along on their running journey. Personally I go to the gym a few times a week but always tend to gravitate towards the treadmill by the end of my session so I end up running 6 times a week which I know I shouldn't. I have never been a strong or confident swimmer but as I have had a pool open up which is 5 minutes walk from my front door I have signed up for 14 weeks worth of adult swimming lessons, I was also hoping it will help with my running and stop me running every night of the week.

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I walk the dog, that's about it really. Unless you count the occasional hoovering work-out - I listen to Caro emerald and dance at the same time, does that count?

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Love walking.

Used to cycle a lot before my operation, but have only cycled once since, must try again some time.

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Swimming is a great cross trainer ☺

I cycle to get from a to b and swim once a week. I had adult swim lessons many moons ago when I learnt how to front crawl, initially I found it really hard but now it's my fave stroke - I think it's a great idea you've signed up for lessons.

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I do karate 2 to 3 times a week in addition to the running. I've noticed a massive improvement in my stamina and ability at karate since I started running.

Sounds excellent. Although there is nothing wrong with running 6 times a week once you are accustomed to it.

I do two kettlebells classes and I also spin xx

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I tried kettlercise for a while. Then got a bike.

I do karate once a week. As Leane78 said, I don't get tired or sore legs from Karate any more !!!

After much contemplation, I am now doing C25k on my non-running days. So, I'm out 6 days a week just now. I was reading that not every runner cross trains. So I've decided I'm one of them ! I don't want to go out the door for a bike ride, it just doesn't seem to happen, I put it off, and put it off, but I do seem to be OK going out the door for run. So that's it, running only, no cross training for the moment.

I should really practice my karate more !!

I'm doing a 30 day squat challenge on top of my running along with other various strength exercises to try and build up fitness in the places that running doesn't. I ride my bike but as mentioned above more A to B cycling than exercise per se. Have considered learning to swim too, booking a load of lessons sounds like a great idea to me :)

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I swim, using a combination of instructor led Swimfit classes, and the Swimfit training cards (2 classes and 1 free swim a week). I also do Aqua aerobics and use various fixed weights machines. I walk / hike too.

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