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I really found w7 hard going. Don’t seem to be enjoying it as much this week, which is a real shame as I have had such a buzz from previous weeks. I’m not looking forward to W8 as uping the run time is making me dread it even more! Any suggestions would be greatly received 🤦‍♀️

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What is it you didn't enjoy, where you breathless or are your legs tired. If any of these are correct trying slowing your run right down even more and up your water intake. If you dont feel ready to move on yet why not repeat week 7 . Good luck 😊😊


Agree water intake could do with upping, always a bit wary in case I’d need the loo during my run 😊I think repeating W7 is a good idea too. Thanks Buddy34, great advice as always 👍🏻


You’ve done really well to get to this stage give yourself a pat on the back. I’m about to go out for w7r1 after a restorative cup of tea. When at home I always run first thing straight after a mug of tea in bed.


It may feel discouraging BUT you got through and enjoyed all the other weeks & it will happen with week 7 too. Psychologically not doing the intervals may seemingly make it harder for you. Repeat 7:3 taking it extra slow & with your favourite music. Make sure you hydrate well. Enjoy your music and your surroundings. When it starts to feel tough slow down some more! The joy will return & you are ready for this.

I’m just about to go out on w7r1 and dreading it as I struggled on Saturday doing the full 25 min run. I did start off too fast though so I’m going to take it slower today

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I’m going to redo w7 again, think it will help with the mind games 🤪

Some runs are just harder than others. There isn’t always a reason for it. I finished the plan a few weeks back and am doing 30 mins, then a cool down then an earlier week again. It seems to have just clicked. Don’t dwell too much on the difficult runs as it will mess with your approach and you’ve probably realised by now that half of running is mental!

Sydney7Graduate in reply to AdverseTangent

Absolutely! Think redoing W7 will help me with this. I know I can do it, just want to get the buzz back.


I'm not sure 3 extra minutes in week 8 will radically alter things. If you can do 25, I think you're going to do 28 with no problems. And once you've done 28, you'll do 30 in week 9 with no problems either. 👍

As for water, how much do you need to drink in a day? I get heavy legs (or maybe it's mild shin splints) quite often now even though I drink about 2.5L of water each day. I'm wondering if it's because I'm so overweight that these longer runs are putting too much pressure on my ankle joints.


I get what your saying, but as I’ve had a cold too this week redoing w7 will help get me back on track 🤞🏼

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