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Well, seven weeks down, two to go and high time I actually posted instead of just chipping in to other people's messages.

It's gone pretty smoothly so far, with a hiccup after W6R2. I was fighting off a cold (due to the high pollen count, I think) for a while, but it then flared up to such an extent that I had to stop for a while.

There were several upsides. Firstly, how frustrated I was at not being able to continue. Definitely no secret feeling of relief at being able to skive off. More importantly, taking a week out also gave me chance to recover from the mounting little niggles. My knees were suffering (carrying too much ballast) but especially a pain between my shoulder blades due to bad posture. That had been improving once I read what the cause was, but it was still annoying.

By the time I got back to the programme, those things had more or less cleared up along with the cold. I started W6 again, finished it this time around and have now done W7 too.

The moral of the tale is not to be too disheartened if you're forced to take a week or so out. It slows your progress but might actually help in the greater scheme of things.

Thanks to everyone who, knowingly or unknowingly, has been such a great support in this. And especially to Laura (I use the podcast as the app isn't available outside the UK), whose tone is perfect -- always encouraging but never OTT.

This programme is genuinely one of the best things I've done in years.

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Great work and an inspiring post.

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TedAGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore


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Good stuff Ted. It's expecting a lot to be fit and healthy every other day for 9 weeks. Glad to see you're back with the programme. Good luck and keep going!

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TedAGraduate in reply to telford_mike

Thanks Mike.

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Glad you enjoyed your W7R3 today TedA You are not the only person who is in the habit of chipping in on other people posts, nothing wrong with that, I tend to do it as well, it is just commenting or congratulating people, usually when they graduate or run W5R3. I posted a full post when I ran W5R3 and also my graduation run. The pollen count should be now a bit lower as the weather has cooled down a bit after those thunderstorms, I noticed that some people ran their local 5k park run this morning in a thunderstorm, nice and refreshing for them, won't be long now before you graduate.

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TedAGraduate in reply to AlMorr

Thanks Al. Two more weeks, hopefully!

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Feeling that frustration today because I'm having a rest day instead of my week 6 run 3. Went on a huge bike ride yesterday and my legs are really beyond exercise today. My head tells me to wait until tomorrow but I can't believe how addicted I am and my heart keeps bringing the subject up for debate and tempting me to do it anyway. I will wait. haha! The forum is great isn't it! I've mostly read posts rather than posting but it is reassuring and informative and helped with loads of queries I've had every step of the way! Happy running!

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TedAGraduate in reply to happysouls

This is a brilliant source of help. It’s also great that you can spot people of a similar age and type, so you know it will work for you too if you put in the effort. Now you’ve upped the ante — I’ve been meaning to cycle a bit more systematically on the ‘rest’ days but hadn’t got round to it yet.

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Brilliant TedA!! Well done for getting back out there and getting stuck in!! Fantastic! Enjoy W8! Not long until graduation now!! 😁😁❤️

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Well done Ted, I think you’ve done hardest bit now - only 2 weeks to go. 🏃‍♂️👏

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