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Gentle run beautiful views


The view of the poppy field hill looked steeper than we remembered the view from the top just as beautiful even though the poppies are long gone for this year

Slowest run for a while as ground uneven but happily ran for half hour smiling all the way

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Slow is good beautiful views even better 😊

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Buddy34

Sure are


Nice running. Uneven trails can be tricky, well done slowing down... and running slower means you get to take in more of those beautiful views. Happy running.

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you, we do enjoy the scenery from the top and don’t mind the gentle jog of our run, one surprising thing was getting up the hill a bit easier than before, we plan once a week up there the hills will strengthen our legs

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to WillowandSola

I noticed hills got less scary after graduation... I think they’re 90% mental and 10% physical... now I know I can eat the distance I can suddenly take on the hills!

Hill running will accelerate your leg muscle conditioning, so great plan.

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

thanks and i’m sure it will

Maddee_6333Graduate in reply to WillowandSola

Hills definitely will do that, yes ☺

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