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Gentle recovery run


The oil seed rape has finally mostly gone to seed, so I ran the local loop that I haven’t been able to manage for a while (even with the help of antihistamines!)

No dogs for company again, but hopefully that won’t be for too much longer. Though it must be said that getting up and going straight out is actually easier without them 🤫 but don’t tell them I said so 🤫

Really enjoyed being out there on my own today, with only the Garmin to talk - I think I’m finally getting the hang of what her* beeps mean, so I told her she was a cheeky bugger for telling me I was behind pace! I didn’t even meet any dog walkers till I was on my cool down walk near home, at which point I stopped to chat With the one I recognised. It turns out he’s partway through doing a C25K with a running group at his work, so I showed him where to find this forum.

*her name is Betty, I don’t know why, I have a theme for my connected devices and Betty is not part of the theme.

Pictured are the path beside the oil seed rape, the outward leg looking across to the path home, and the return leg (which is one of my favourite views).

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Well done you and really nice pictures 😊😊

Maddee_6333Graduate in reply to Buddy34



Ih good to know that they are finally gone to seed, I know Gog and I also have issues...

Really enjoyed reading your post.

Maddee_6333Graduate in reply to Couchpotato2

It was so bad last month 🤧

Though I still didn’t risk running the public footpath where the plants are both sides!

Couchpotato2Graduate in reply to Maddee_6333

No that sounds a bit much!

Couchpotato2Graduate in reply to Maddee_6333

Also I like the sound of Betty Beep


Lovely, lovely. I’m hoping some new agricultural policy will reduce the amount of oil seed rape! But your hills look great. 😄

Maddee_6333Graduate in reply to Granspeed

That would be way wonderful!


What beautiful pics, sounds like you had a lovely run!

Maddee_6333Graduate in reply to Debston

I really did 😁

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