A gentle resuming of the runs :-)


I've given up waiting for 'the right time' to start running again after my break and just decided to go for it. Funny how we can overcomplicate things :-).

Speaking of overcomplicating things, I've decided to start the c25k program with the following goals:

- cadence of at least 170 (I naturally plod at ~140-150)

- pace of at least 6min/K (so a 5K should take 30 minutes)

- at least two runs a week but preferably three

In addition I am also going to resume my 'long, slow but very therapeutic 5K in the park' as a good fat burner. There are no goals with this run other than to make sure it is in the aerobic zone (which based on my current heart rate might mean sleeping through it!). If I need to walk parts to stay in the zone then so be it.

And yeah, this is what I consider fun - geek all the things :-)!

Great to be back rocking the lycra! (and apologies).


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  • Fantastic, I am so pleased to see you back and I like your goals... really realistic and doable.... well done!!

  • Welcome back Yatesco.😊

    We have been missing you. Have fun working through the plan with your own twist. You will Rock it Lycra man...

  • Lycra man... I have an image...:)

    So glad you are back out there x

  • Was wondering where you'd been! Good to see you back!

  • Good to see you back. I'm not sure I understand all your goals but Happy Running πŸ˜€

  • Me neither😁😁

  • Thanks buddies :-)

  • Great, take those weirdy running shoes back outside for an airing! Just enjoy it.

  • Really good to see you back on here Yatesy, you have been sorely missed !

    Are your Vibrams in the corner sulking ? You need to start making friends with them again :-)

    Good Luck and Come on , let's go ! :-) xxx

  • The glares that I would get from them when I walked past was certainly motivating.

  • I'm right there with you. Just restarted the program after slacking off for the entire summer. I tried to do 6mph, but it was just a bit tough for me. So I down graded to 5mph. (I used to run at average of 4.6). I'll try to up my speed a bit once I get back in the swing, it's amazing how hard it is after a few months off.

  • Ah Mr. Ya Tesco - my week 5 saviour (well, one of). I was wondering where you and your 5-toe shoes were... You got me through my hardest run and then did a runner! So nice that you're back. :)

  • Wahay, yatesco is back! Our technological genius! You've been sorely missed - I for one missed your techie posts and look forward to a few updates. Good luck with the goals!

  • Hey mate, welcome back.

    I will look forward to reading your progress.

    Two out my three runs a week are heart rate based and I really enjoy them. When I first started I had to walk quite often to keep the HR down but over time I found it was happening less and less and I was running further for the same amount of time.

    I'm just back from a 90 min HR run it was good but boy was it muggy out there today.

    Crack on Colin, you can do it 😜

  • 90 min HR - wow!

  • I started at an hour and built it up over a few weeks increasing it 5 minutes a week.

    I'm doing 90 min HR, 60 min HR and a speedy (for me) 5k each week at the moment.

    Seems to work and the HR runs stop you from over training and getting too tired from it all.

  • Don't worry about goals! Just go and run! As for vibrams, they're not fake are they? There was a report on the TV programme fake Britain this morning about them, interesting!😊

  • Fake! Not at all - if I am going to go through the effort of wearing them in public they better be genuine :-)

  • Yatesco! So pleased to see you back. I have no idea about running in aerobic zones and what not, but you are running again and that's the main thing. Welcome backπŸƒπŸƒ

  • (and yes, the squats are resuming. You will forever be the squat queen :-)).

  • Not bad to be the squat queen. I can live with thatπŸ’ͺ

  • Great to see you back. Looking forward to hearing how it goes.

  • Ah Mr Yatesco we've been expecting you. Welcome back. Looking forward to your posts.

  • Nice to see you back and ready to strut your stuff in the lycra ! Back at the best time for running I reckon, cooler Autumn time!πŸ˜†

  • Welcome back 😊

    Increase your cadence gradually and don't increase on the same run as speed. It takes a toll.

  • Thanks Irishprincess - great advice. I think I can get away with it as my c25k 30 minute 'run' only has 8x1 minutes of actual running (and 22 minutes of curling up and crying).

  • Don't let it beat you..dry those tears.. we expect you to run Mr.Bond. oops Mr. Yatesco..😊😊


  • Welcome back yatesco

  • Welcome back Yatesco. The most difficult thing I find is putting the running togs on and getting out the door. Once I'm out there its fine.

  • Welcome back m'dear. Saw your run on Connect - it was quick!! Very impressive, especially after a break. :)

  • Yay! He returns :)

    6mph, pffft, I've pretty much given up on ever achieving that, good luck!

    Be careful setting yourself a hard goal at the start, don't want to jeopardise getting back into it, just go for it and see where it leads :)

  • Not seen any posts from you for a few weeks. Hope you're doing ok and are back running!

  • I wish I could say that was the case :-). Life's gotten all complicated again as it tends to do. Hopefully my stinking head cold will clear off (going on nearly 3 weeks!) and regular running will resume.

    You are rocking it though Miller2 - graduation is calling :-).

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