Beautiful (but cold ❄️❄️) run this morning πŸ˜€

Beautiful (but cold ❄️❄️) run this morning πŸ˜€

Morning chums, went out for my 'longish' run this morning, man, it was hard work, a fair few walk breaks in there - must have been that Christmas pud, cream, Yule log, trifle, chocolates, huge dinner x2 and not to mention the empty prosecco bottles a jangling in the recycle bin....πŸ˜‰

Was cold, first time out proper for the warm leggings, gloves, jacket and buff - stayed on the whole run too, so it must have been cold.....

Took these lovely pictures, stayed misty the whole time and I just loved the crunchiness of the ground, it was so noisy!

Good run or bad, doesn't matter, it was (is) a beautiful morning, everything still and crisp.......all is right in the world...

Happy running all.

Mx πŸ€—


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  • Madge, that is just the most beautiful photo montage. I love to see the frost on the ground, I can imagine the scrunchy noise underfoot, and your wonderfully colourful trainers, that sunrise is just heavenly. Thank you for a wonderful post! 😊

  • Thanks Flossie, the photos don't really do it justice, I love it when it's frosty though, it's a bridleway that is quite well used, so the first half can get very muddy and slippy, then gets a 'no go' for a while - I have been known to face plant.....πŸ˜„

    The crunchy sound was really loud! It was a part of the track that has bark chipping so it was like running over loads of dry twigs.


  • You must have been out early! Looks gorgeous Madge...soon, soon, I will...

  • Looks lovely. Had a frosty outing as well this mornng but hat, gloves, jacket all came off half way.

  • I'm surprised mine stayed on, even the gloves...... I have to make sure I have either my pocket belt or a top with zip pockets to stuff gloves and hat/buff into.....but not today......air temp must have been minus something.....β„οΈπŸ˜„


  • Women after my own heart!! πŸ˜€ That's exactly what I've been eating (and drinking 😳) over Christmas and it was a bit of a struggle this morning as I last run on the Christmas Day Parkrun ......

    You've posted beautiful pictures; it was (is) very foggy here so no views this morning!

  • I know, and there's still another load to get through for new year.....hard work! πŸ˜‰

    I am very, very lucky to have such views and surroundings nearby, I never tire of occasionally just stopping and looking.......a tonic in our apparently great technological 'modern' life.... πŸ˜‰


  • Beautiful post Madge... it was a tad chilly this morning wasn't it.. Your run sounds and looks lovely...lucky you... luck us.. who are runners :)x

  • Thanks Floss, it was crowded πŸ˜‚ (!) There were two other runners and two dog walkers, one of which I said to, 'beautiful morning, just lovely' she looked a little puzzled in her thick coat and woolly hat.....πŸ˜„..... that was just after the really crunchy path which was just a delight.....πŸ˜„


  • Beautiful..I ran Boxing Day...but, on Grammy duty this a brisk..very brisk walk down to Little was cold...but really lovely xxx

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