"Oh what a beautiful morning"🎶

Back on home turf, and what could be finer than an early morning run in June across the fields. Not a breath of wind stirring the wind turbines way over on the horizon and the fields bright with yellow rapeseed and fringed with frothy cow parsley and blood red poppies.

The buzzard watched me from her perch in the trees by the airfield and I even had the privilege of seeing a barn owl floating over the fields until my panting along made it change course.

It's nice to be home.

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  • Very nice Ully! sounds a tad like an old floss report, where have you been? on a nice holiday?😊

  • In Buckinghamshire, at my sons wedding, then away in the wilds of Cornwall.

  • Haha - perhaps Oldfloss and her literary talents are rubbing off on me!

  • ....hmmm..or just you write beautifully anyway...😊

  • That's kind - but I'm not in your class yet!

  • Sounds lovely Ullyrunner, and good to see you on here again🙂.

  • Thanks Sandra

  • Simply beautiful...☺

  • It's nice to come back to old haunts and routes, isn't it? But it's also lovely to explore new areas on holiday. Cornwall was probably lovely, and Bucks has got a few fantastic places (spent part of my childhood there and seemed to spend every spare minute playing in the local woods).

  • I was too busy in Bucks although it was lovely round about. Did a couple of runs in Cornwall through bluebell woods - I say 'runs' but it was more of a scramble as it was very steep in places!

  • Welcome back Ully, good to see you back on here ! :-)

    Lovely post, Oh I would love to see an owl ! Heard 'em a coupla times but never been lucky enough too see one xxx

  • I often hear the tawny owl at night but I do love a barn owl - they look almost ghostly and are so silent on the wing. Lovely.

  • Sounds lovely! I need to find some nice places in Bucks to go for a run :)

  • Sounds idyllic ulli apart from the wind turbines. No doubt they're a good source of energy but they're such eyesores! How did the wedding go?

  • It was just brilliant thank you - a sunny day, a wonderful venue and lots of happy friends and family. I enjoyed it so much, I wanted to do it all over again! My son and his bride made such a lovely couple.

  • Lovely to see you back here Ully. You were missed. 🤗

  • That's sweet of you. It's nice to catch up with everyone. Business as usual for a while!

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