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Week 1 why can’t i run?


Compelted (sort of) week 1. Day one max duration of running was about 50 secs. Second day was slightly easier actually ran for a minute on 6/8 occasionsDay 3 was pantts

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You are not only in the right place, with the right plan - you absolutely CAN run :)

People wash up in these shores because we "could never run" :)

If you stay around, like us lot, you WILL become a Runner. It will most likely take longer than 8 weeks - took me 15 :) - but please read the beginning posts of present graduates and you will quickly see that when it comes to running you are not terminally unique :)

Take it slow, and slower still. It's not about "speed" or "distance" now, it's about building up stamina. You absolutely can do it.

Wishing you many happy miles in your future :)

It was hard going for me aswell. Been a couch potatoe for couple of decades. Learned in run 2...slow down, like really, slow down. Also drink tons of water the day before has helped me massively!


Totally agree with the advice already given....just keep going out there and trying and follia the programm....it will happen....take off the pressure smile and enjoy.


Slow down... :)

Begin with Run 1 again and take it slower than a slow thing on a go slow:)

We need to complete each run before we move onto the next one.

Warm up well and relax as you begin... loosen your shoulders, hands, face etc... gently breathing and tying to land lightly...

Do also check out the FAQ post for Newbies..there is a deal of important and essential information there:)


You are going to be fine..just use those runs as a warm up to the big event:)


I had to do Week 1 twice. The first time I tried I could run 60 seconds twice, and then walked breathlessly round the rest of the exercise. It's normal. Hang on in there....

SCGUKGraduate in reply to theoldfellow

Me too!


You are new to c25k so give it time . Slow down as much as possible. When you don't fully complete a run don't move on to the next run it will help . Go back to wk1 r1 go really slow . You can do this 😊


No one could presume to improve on the wise words of Old Floss. I found those minutes so long too. Yes, I stopped early on a couple of occasions sure my device had stopped counting. It is hard to think ‘Am I really that unfit?’ That really hurt me. So I did those W1 runs six times rather than just three, before I moved on to W2 with a bit more confidence and just a tiny bit more fitness, strength and better ability to breathe. What really helped me was being pointed towards watching Japanese Slow Running Man on YouTube. Feet, stance, arms, breathing and speed all explained simply in a few minutes. Describes exactly what is in FAQ POSTS. That guy became my hero. I run exactly like him. Even have same hair colour. That was in March. Since early June, I have been running for thirty minutes three times a week. Not fast! You don’t have to go fast! You just have to go!

The plan works, it’s a struggle sometimes, but it works. Stick to the plan.

Perhaps do a couple more of those Run 1 minute, brisk walk 90 secs, before trying W2.

You did the really difficult bit. You started! You can do it!

Congratulations you’ve conquered the hardest part, which is the motivation to get started. I’m onto week 3 and can’t believe I find 3 mins easier than I did the 1 min. Slower is definitely the way to go and to give you some perspective on how slow, it CAN be slower than your walking.

HatmanGraduate in reply to CouchDweller

Thank you CouchDweller for backing me up. Two weeks time and Lynz will look back on the first week and say exactly the same. Now you bear that in mind as you go forward. It’s only a couple of minutes more each week. But Boy oh Boy. What a difference that plan of just a few minutes more, each week, makes. Keep up the good work!


Slow down and slow down again! You need to have done each run in week 1 completely before moving on. You’ll do it.


Go as slowly as you can whilst keeping a running action I.e. there’s a point when both feet are off the ground. As well as going slowly don’t try to make you steps too long.

You will read lots of posts on here from people who complete each run first time and don’t appear to struggle. This is not the case for lots of us who end up repeating runs or weeks, so don’t feel disheartened.


Great work - I only managed 20 seconds on my first time out. That’s one lot of 20 seconds, not 8 repeats of ! I had to start with two walking paces, build up the jog really slowly, and I took nine weeks to conquer week 1 and another three for week 2. It went a bit quicker after that, because I’d built up both strength and stamina by doing all those repeats !

My advice is, don’t go on to the next run until you know you’ve conquered the current one. You don’t have to beat it first time around. Go out, have fun, see what you can do, and aim to beat that the next time. Once you can meet all the requirements of 1:1 you’ll be confident with 1:2 and 1:3 because they’re identical. And so on. Everyone is different. Some people sail straight through this; some have to do some repeats early on; some hit a plateau later and have to run some repeats then. Give your body time to adjust to the new demands you’re placing on it: relax, enjoy the journey, and never forget the First Rule of C25k: The only run you fail is the run you don’t go for !


Embrace your inner snail 🐌🐌🐌🐢🐢🐢

You can never be too slow. Remember the aim is to run at a pace you can hold a conversation. For me this started slower than my walking speed. Now many weeks on from graduation it's marginally faster than my walking speed.

Happy running.


Agree with all the advice, you really can do it. I know it’s fab advice because it all worked for me . Slow down, hydrate and don’t feel pressured. And keep on this forum, there are loads of amazing peeps on here who will give you wise advise and support. And peeps like me who are still very new to running but have got the bug and will support you every step of the way because we want you to have the bug too 👍🏻🏃🏻‍♀️👍🏻


Thank you so much everyone! I’m mostly terrified of it at the minute BUT I see people in the gym and on the street and it looks so fun I just need to believe that I’ll get to that at some point. Need to give the voice in my head a clip round the earhole 🙃


You can and will do this! Start slow and keep going slowly. The programme works and we're all here for moral support 👍


Just keep at it. Repeat any run you need to and take your time. I began in April and have just graduated, it took me 17 weeks. I began by stumbling along the road, then I staggered and then I was ‘jogging’ in a fashion, but my husband could keep up with me just walking! I couldn’t even keep it up for more than 35 seconds to start.Take time to get comfortable, believe in yourself and believe in the programme. The important fact at this time is that you are off the couch and trying. If you persevere you will do it, in your own time, it’s not a competition! Good luck.

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