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Week 9 run 1, I can’t believe I got here!


So I completed the first run of my final week! I am so pleased with myself. I hated week 8, I found it a real struggle but tonight was slightly better. Despite it being ridiculously hot! I ran the furthest I’ve ever gone and burnt the most calories. My legs are exhausted now but I feel very happy I did it! Bring on graduation!!

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Well done! I have just done this run myself yesterday and what a sense of achievement! I'm nowhere near the 5k mark yet though, what about you?

SoontobefunmumGraduate in reply to Lindsey-joy

Thank you, and well done to you too! I actually did 4.5km today but that included my warm up and cool down so still a bit to go but I’m getting a tiny bit further every time. Good luck with your last two runs!

Lindsey-joyGraduate in reply to Soontobefunmum

Oh wow! That's brilliant. I'm still around the 4 mark on a good day!

SoontobefunmumGraduate in reply to Lindsey-joy

Thanks. I only just got over the 4K last week and like I say that includes my warm up and cool down so that’s cheating a bit. As long as I run the whole time I’m supposed to that’s all I’m really worried about just now.


Great, just 2 runs to go. This was my best week of runs . Good luck 😊


Well done, only 2 to go now...breathe deep and smell the badge polish


I just did this run today too! I also found week 8 hard but today's run was great. We're almost there!

Well done. I am also in my final week. Never thought I would run for 30 mins. I am far far off 5K but never mind. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week.


Well done you! I'm in week 9 too. If all goes to plan graduation run on Friday. Good luck with the rest of the week :-D

aww well done, so close to graduation you doing brilliant🙌😊

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