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Week 1 Run 1 Complete!

I just completed the first run of week 1, and I'm feeling pretty good (now I've recovered). I always thought of myself as reasonably fit, but I think the C25K has opened my eyes to how much I think I can do vs how much I can actually do.

I have just a couple of questions for the more experienced runners out there:

I noticed while I was running that my feet were hurting - is this just something that will fade when I get used to doing more exercise, or does it indicate more that my trainers aren't suitable for my feet? They're definitely running trainers, but I do have odd feet with a high instep.

Also, I was wondering if anyone doing the strength and flexibility podcasts ever used them on the same day as their C25K runs, or is this not recommended?

It's a pleasure to meet you all, and I hope to be joining the graduates in 9 weeks time :)

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Hi Noodles! I will leave your queries to others (I've no experience of either I'm afraid) but just wanted to say hello and welcome, and well done for getting started! Looking forward to reading about your journey and the new you that you will be discovering along the way. :)


Well done on starting the program. Getting out of the door can be a big hurdle but you've done it :-) The bloggers on here are the most wonderful encouragers.


Ha! I know that feeling! Discovering that I actually struggled to run for one minute, especially more than once, was a real eye-opener.

I've had all kinds of aches and pains on the way (just completed week 6), but my last 25 minute run was pain-free, and I'm not even wearing proper running shoes. Your body has to get used to running which is high-impact exercise. I've ignored any pains that weren't persistent. Oh, and make sure you get your days off.


Hello! Welcome!

Re. the shoes- as long as they're proper running shoes you shouldn't be doing any damage to your joints etc. but if the discomfort persists I'd think about trying another pair? I wore some really good trainers for my first run and had shin splints within 5 minutes. So, I bought some others and they seemed to work much better with no problems since.

I don't re. strength and flex I'm afraid- I've not done it myself. However, I have heard good things from others. One thing I would say is don't try to do too much too soon. Maybe do the running for a couple of weeks and get to a point that that's a routine before adding anything else in to the mix?

Good luck with the programme- hope you find it as brilliant as I have! X


Can't comment on the shoes but I do the S/F on my 'rest' days and find it great. I feel it helps my joints to cope with the new regime. Go for it - you'll love it!


Hi, I found that my feet and calves hurt for the first couple of weeks, particularly when I stopped running and started walking. This got much better as the weeks progressed and particularly when the intervals stopped and the continuous running started. So keep pushing on and I'm sure you'll find that it will get better.


I think I am in the same boat as you noodles. I have just done week 1 run 1 and I can tell I've done it but feel very pleased to have taken the first (and possibly biggest?) step. Good luck!


Hi all,

thanks for the welcome and the advice! Looking forward to getting out there for a run today :)


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