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Knee problems


I know ultimately I have to see someone but on holiday in egypt for 3 weeks so can’t until I get back and really stressing.

About 5 weeks ago i started my run and had to stop as my knee was really hurting. It’s still hurting now which I didn’t expect. Been trying to swim but that hurts. It hurts more when I go up and down stairs.

I guess I just wanted to know (and I realise everyone is different and don’t know what prob is) but are there any people on here who have had knee problems and been told they can’t run again?

I’m terrified of going to someone and them telling me that. I don’t think I could cope. Plus who do I see as am getting a million different suggestions - doctor, chiropractor, physio, acupuncturist?

I have been icing and using ibuprofen gel (not allowed tablets) just so worried 😟

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I injured my knees aged 16 and was told I could never run again... 30 years later it seems medical opinion has changed, and I was positively encouraged to run. No doubt some physio and strengthening work will be required alongside running.

As for who to see... it’s been 5 weeks so I would want to get it thoroughly checked out, and I’d start with my GP for possible referral for scans etc.


It’s nice to see all is not lost! Will def get it scanned for my own peace of mind if nothing else!


See a sports physio by preference.

My physio has told me she will get me running again..........after nearly six months of non running, because of...............a dodgy knee.


It’s nice to hear all might not be lost even if I have to take a long break. Will def see a sports physio when I get home!


I got to week 4 initially over the course of about 6 weeks in time because I was having terrible knee pain, first in one, then both. It was agony going up and down stairs and It was too painful to run and as I work for a physio, she had a look at me.

I had a few things going on, firstly my quadriceps were very tight and my iliotibial band. My tightness was actually causing my kneecaps to be misaligned and weren’t tracking correctly , causing inflammation. She did a fair bit of work on my actual legs, from hips to my feet and then gave me a few strengthening exercises.

After resting after treatment, I went back to week one and started slowly and as my legs grew stronger, the pain then disappeared. I now can run my max run of 7k without my knees hurting and when I think back to the pain I had , I’d never have thought it possible.

Just make sure you find the right physio, exercises are important but you need hands on treatment with someone that knows what is going on with your legs, muscles and joints. A musculoskeletal physiotherapist is a good place to start . Good luck and things will get better!!


That’s really useful! Thank you!


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