Knee problems

Was doing okay until w4.2. Really enjoying the challenge and feeling so much better when disaster struck. My knee began to hurt and it got worse as I tried the second 5minute run. I just could not do it and had trouble even walking home. Thought giving it a rest it would get better. Applied ice every two hours, elevated leg and tried strapping the knee but despite all this and no running it got worse and worse until I ended up unable to walk and on crutches. The hospital diagnosed knee injury due to running. I can't believe this after just three and a half weeks and they have said 6 weeks 'til it gets better., Guess that's the end for me. And I had spent on a new pair of running shoes.


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5 Replies

  • Oh that's just awful.

    Will you try again when it's healed?

    I had a knee injury a couple of years ago ( not from running...never really done running before ) so was quite dubious about starting this program.

    Touch wood, nothing with my knee.

    So, this may just be really bad luck for you.......

  • Yes, gypsy said, let it heal and try again..don't I remember you were also doing the stationary bike? Maybe try just running next go and leave off the bike until you are stronger....pushing gears on a bike can be far more stressful on knees than running....been there, done that.... Anyway, best of luck!

  • Interesting reply Grammadog1947. I have been advised that bike may be better and that jogging is not adviced. Your experience seems different. Doctor says it is the hard surface that is doing the damage but the running shoes seem to absorb the impact. Perhaps I will give it a few weeks and try again gently, doing week one again and doing it twice before going on to week two. I am looking at stretches and muscle strengthening as perhaps that is the problem. Would a physiotherapist know what the problem was? Anyone with advice please?

  • I also believe that the bike helps strengthen the knees. It is impact you have to avoid.

    Why don't you try a sports therapist? They are really good at helping you get back after injury and will give you the correct exercises to strengthen the muscles. I go to a lady who charges £35 per session.

    My knees are dodgy and I find running on grass is better and also try to only do one long run a week. Intervals or 'fun' run the other time.

    Good luck. Make sure they are better before you start running again.

  • I know a couple of people that say they've been advised to stay away from running and stick to cycling because it's less impact on the knees. I'm no pro so I don't know :/

    Cycling used to hurt my knees whilst running was pain free, then it flipped and now thankfully I'm ok with either activity.

    I sobbed when I was told no running for 2 weeks :(

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