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I did my first run 😊😊😊


So I got over the psychological mindset of I can’t do this, why bother. To actually doing my first run on Monday. Felt bloody amazing and I’m not as unfit as what I thought I was. My biggest struggle was putting on the 2 sports bras and where to to put my key when I run. Can’t wait for Thursday for my next run. Can you get addicted so early on?

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Well done on starting C25K, yes, you can get addicted to running, even from the first run, especially when you enjoy it and surprise yourself.

Just follow the program, go slow and steady - don't try to break any land speed records or anything like that, believe in yourself and most importantly, enjoy yourself.


Re the early addiction....massive yes!! I’ve just completed W5 this morning yet struggled to do 60 seconds a few weeks ago. C25K is amazing! Keep it going!

I think I actually surprised myself on how much I enjoyed it because I could do it. I’ve never classed myself as a ‘runner’ I’ve always done body strength training. At school I was told wasn’t a runner, I wasn’t built for running but 30+ years on those words still haunt me which is why I’m pretty impressed with myself that I did run 😊😊

DebstonGraduate in reply to Curvygirl74

Why do idiots say these stupid comments to children? Well, you can have the pleasure of proving them very wrong! 😂


C25k is an amazing plan and really does work you'll get lots of encouragement and support and yes it really is addictive as that feeling when you complete a run is brilliant 😊😊

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