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I just did my first run


Just did my first run I had my in pocket and it kept turning off so

Lost how many min I had run any ideas

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No, I have no idea how many minutes you ran for..

Bit don't worry about it. Technical hitches do happen. I like to record everything via Garmin connect because I can see my progress over time and that helps with motivation etc. Running has now become a bit of a hobby/obsession so all sorts of ancillary things get sucked in like clothing, running watch, just the right shoes etc. None of it really matters but it just adds to the interest.

What matters is you did your fist run. Enjoy the journey.

Are you using the App on your phone.

Sometines the signal can drop out, you could try downloading the podcasts instead, they already have music as well as Laura your coach though.




If you keep having signal issues, maybe give Laura a go. She is the original c25k Graduate and helped many of us through the program.

Good luck with Wk1 R2


As Jan-Now-Runs says !

Also, Lock your screen before it goes into your pocket!

Keep going , the first run is the hardest 👍🏼


Set the app going, lock your screen by switching it off with a short press, then put it in your pocket or better still get a phone holder, either a belt or arm.

This guide may be of help to you for other information about the plan


Enjoy your journey.

Thanks for that , will do this on my next run 😀

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