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Week 5 run 1 completed


Only clicked last night to check the week and see it’s 20 minutes for run 3. How is that possible? Annoyed that I’m worrying about it....but I’m worrying about it. Any hints or tips from you lovely proper runners? 🙏😳

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Don’t worry. You’ll be fine. Slow and steady as per and you’ll nail it You’ve progressed this far so you’ll be ok. Have faith in this programme. It’ll deliver 💪👍😃🏃‍♀️

Have fun. Let us know how it goes. Nice and steady remember 👍

Vintage61Graduate in reply to misswobble

Thx, I will do 🙏


I worried my way through every week haha! Trust the program, it works and you'll be amazed at what you can do! Keep slow and calm and positive! Happy running!


I can well remember the panic and anxiety I had about my first 20 minute run - I worried about it all through the night before. I kept thinking back to my first 90 second run when I could barely breath afterwards; how could I possibly run for 20 minutes without stopping. But I did it and I actually cried at the end of it I was so proud of myself. If you have followed the plan you will do it - this is what you have been training for. I start week eight tomorrow - 28 minutes without a rest. I am still nervous, but I now know that anything is possible.

Vintage61Graduate in reply to 78DJ

Thank you. I can’t believe the improvement in my recovery and even this morning I’m so chuffed with 3 lots of 5. 😊

I was in exactly your state of mind last week - but this morning I did the 20 minutes of Wk5 run 3. I think keeping Laura’s tip in mind helped me - you’ve trained for this, so physically you can do it - you just have to train your brain to keep up with your body now. You’ll be fine - go for it.

Vintage61Graduate in reply to TortoiseRegretsHare

Thank you. I’m investing in gait analysis and running trainers this week as it appears I’m fully invested in this amazing program 🏃🏻‍♀️

TortoiseRegretsHareGraduate in reply to Vintage61

My promise to myself is that if I get to the end of this and go on one park run then I can buy myself a running watch! Have you read the stuff on gait analysis? It’s interesting.


Don't worry , all the runs you do up to then prepare you for this. Just trust the plan . You can do this 😊


TTP! Trust The Programme! It really works - you'll astound yourself and afterwards you'll be wondering what you were worried about.

Vintage61Graduate in reply to Debston

TTP.... right, I’m on it!!! 🏃🏻‍♀️

DebstonGraduate in reply to Vintage61

😂 If I ever get a tattoo, it'll be "TTP!" in a fancy font.

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