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Week 9 run 1 - First Parkrun


My first official 30 minute run complete. Went ok, maybe even a little easier than the last 28.

New venue and new setting. Parkrun was fun, although I quickly found myself on my own between the experienced runners and the walkers.

I followed the plan, walking the first part, running for 30 and walking the rest. I did sneak in light jog at the end, for the last 200m, to cross the line.

Time for 5k was about 45 minutes, so in line with certain shelled reptiles. But I don't care.

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Good for you. Well done. Looking forward to my first park run soon.


Well done you I hoped you enjoyed it 😊😊


Excellent! Welcome to the parkrun family, a new adventure (and addiction.....)begins....👍😉👏


Ps. nothing wrong with shelled reptiles, more of us about than you might think.....🐌🐢


Well done. My first was 42.15. I now incorporate warm up in walk to start line and run from line for 30 mins cool down and then any left I do wk1r1 to finish line

IAmCharliemouseGraduate in reply to Stevieplink

Yeah, I thought about how to fit the 30 minutes into the 5k. If you stick strictly to 30 mins, which I want to do at least whilst finishing the programme, then I don’t think it matters whether you start with the walk before the official start or after. Your time will be the same. You just do the running in the middle. In my case it’s about 5 minutes walk at the start and 10 at the end. I also did it that way as I wasn’t certain exactly when the official start would be, and I could end up late.

I guess an advantage of trying to time the run from the start is that you start running with everyone else, but I would soon fall behind anyway.

Guess I can try different combinations.


Well done, pace.doesn't matter, you know we like slow and steady. Slow is good for some things : )


Respect for you,🎩




5k, is an achievement whatever time you took


Welcome among the parkrunners. I hope you will stick with it.

Two birds with one stone, w9 run & parkrun. Congratulations on your run.

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