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W7 R1 Done!


Hi all!

Just completed my second 25 min run, with W7 R1. First half went well and second half was okay but harder due to the strong winds on my run back down the main road. The wind made it difficult and I must admit the gremlins were telling me I couldn’t do and should stop but I did it and really proud of myself for pushing through!

What week are you all on? 🏃🏻‍♀️

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Hi Bexcrowe. Well done on your progress through the weeks. Im on W7 R3.

Ive completed C25K before (along time ago) and im certainly finding this time round much harder BUT critically im still going.

Im concerned my pace isnt particularly fast, do you mind me asking what your pace is as we are pretty much at the same mark.

Emma x

bexcroweGraduate in reply to jellybean87

Thank you!! You're also doing fab, almost on W8! Try not to worry about pace, its not the main aim of the programme so don't feel pressured to go quicker or anything! But for reference my pace this run averaged 7:20, including the warm up walks and cool downs. Xx


Well done bexcrowe! 🙂

Well done as well for fighting off the gremlins 👹 I know that's easier said than done. Are you enjoying it more without having to stop to walk, I think most people are.

I wish you all the best for your other week 7 runs and for the remaining two weeks ish until you 🎓!

My average pace on my last 20 minute run was about 5:21, but I've passed C25k and had a lot of practice so I don't expect you or Emma to be going that quickly at week 7.

bexcroweGraduate in reply to Mike_Bravo

Thank you Mike! I am enjoynig it more without the intervals, feels nice and more like I am going out for a run rather than a walk/run haha! Thank you very much for your kind words - you are an inspiration, sounds like you have really consolidated and improved your stamina well so congratulations! I shall be asking you for tips once I graduate :)

Mike_BravoGraduate in reply to bexcrowe

Thank you bex, it's no problem whatsoever 🤗

Yep it is more like going for a normal run, isn't it 😊. That's something to look forward to when you graduate, you can just run for as long as you like until you're too tired or need to finish, with no interruptions.

Ask me all the questions in the world that you want to and I'll do whatever I can to help.

I know you're only in week 7 now, but there's a handy guide in the FAQ section on what to do after C25K, which mentions consolidating your time. Many people once they've finished continue to run for 30 minutes three times a week for 3 or 4 weeks.

This is the link to that page: healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

For the time being, just take each run as it comes and don't worry too much about time, you'll shorten your pace per minute if you put your mind to it, you're a runner now 🏃‍♀️👍

I look forward to hearing you've smashed W7 runs 2 and 3 💥👍

I did my Week 7 R1 today and yeah< first half went well and the second half was a bit harder. The breathing exercise suggested by Laura had been very helpful.

bexcroweGraduate in reply to achievefitness

I know the feeling - well done for getting through it! And yeah I also find that really helpful to help regulate breathing. Keep going! x


Hi. I'm on exactly the same run as you w7r2 on saturday for me.

bexcroweGraduate in reply to Stevieplink

It's so nice to hear from people in the same position as me, hope you're getting on well - I also have that run on Saturday. Keep us posted on how you do!


Well done for pushing on through, you must be very pleased with yourself for not stopping. 👏

I’m on W9, was due to run my final run tomorrow but my ankles a bit sore from yesterday so I think I’m going to take an extra rest day and go out on Saturday. X

bexcroweGraduate in reply to AnnaHod

Wow well done you! Only one more run. Yes probably best to give yourself another rest day so you are ready to go on Saturday. Best of luck and congratulations in advance ❤️ what an achievement x

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