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Restarting C25K

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I completed C25K but then due to various obstacles I stopped. Final exams, moving from one end of the country to the other, and starting a new job were the main reasons, but I started again yesterday. I normally run in the morning but do others find it better to run after work?

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Welcome back you... :)

I love mornings.. great start to the day..but you do what works for you an your lifestyle:)

Do check out this post for Newbies, even though you have been here before!

Slow and steady is still the mantra...yes, I am still here:)

I remember you and your encouraging posts. I'm now living on an island surrounded by amazing wildlife and stunning views. I prefer running in the morning but may have to try running after work, it may help with the pressures of a stressful office 😉

I’ve done a mix of early morning runs and after work, both have advantages but in the first few weeks you will see what works for you x Best of luck in your journey x

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CharlieChurch in reply to JaoJao

Thank you. I may run in the morning at weekends and in the evening during the week.

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alisonr54Graduate in reply to CharlieChurch

This is what I do. I just don’t have the time to run in the mornings on work days. I do prefer it though.

I prefer to run in the mornings - it gets me up and I feel better set up for the rest of the day. If I delay to later I would end up not always doing it.

Whatever works best for you.

Good luck.

I have to take the dog out so that's not the issue for me, Carowood. 😊

Welcome to the forum and well done on getting.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

The time of day is a matter of personal preference.........I am a morning runner, because my work is physical and I am on my feet all day, but if I were sitting down all day, I can imagine that evening runs might be pleasant.

Enjoy your journey

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Welcome back - I’m hoping your finals went well hence the moving? Anyway as others say it’s personal choice - I’m a definite morning runner ...

Thank you, yes they did. The move was driven for my desire for a more laid back, less stressful life. 😊. I do prefer morning runs so I might get up earlier to make time for it. That's easy at this time as the days lengthen enough for it not to get completely dark

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