Restarting C25K - W3R2 done!

After being off my training for a while due to chest infection, my self-confidence was a bit low.

Getting back, doing some training and finishing the Half Marathon over the weekend felt great. However, I needed time to recover.

And so after 3 days of rest, I have got back to C25K. Rather than going straight back where I had left, I went a week back.

Week 3 Run 2 to be precise. It is done. And I am looking forward to continuing with C25K :-)

Thanks for being there guys!



6 Replies

  • That sounds sensible Ash, it will build your confidence and your strength. Best of luck xx

  • Thank you xx

  • Fantastic Ash , you are doing brilliantly ! Very sensible decision , I think:-)

    All the very best for the rest of the programme ! xxx

  • Thanks Poppy xxx

  • Go for it. Very good idea to take it nice and steadily. It's not a race . Good luck. Glad you are feeling better

  • Thanks Cath :-) xx

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