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Consolidation running


On my 5th consolidation run but still only managing 3km in 30 mins! Think I’m getting following the Japanese slow jogging advice (but secretly I would like to go faster)

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Don't worry about time, you have done very well on getting to week 9 run 3 and graduating🎓, well done👍,the 6/30 minute consolidation runs are just to confirm that you have ran for 30 minutes 9 times. If you want to continue until you get to 5K, 3K in 30 minutes would be around 45/50 minutes for 5K, there are many people who have ran a 5K in that time. 👍🎓🏃

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Thanks AlMorr for your support. Will keep on posting to report progress and will stick to slow but steady 🙂


All but one of my consolidation runs resulted in less distance being covered than at the end of week 9... that’s absolutely fine. The idea is to make 30 minutes comfortable/easy... that is partly increasing strength and fitness that each run gives you, but it’s also finding that really comfortable pace for 30 minutes and getting used to running at that level of effort... then it’s easier to extend a run after consolidation.

Speed will come when you’re ready with a combination of lots of running, extending one run a little each week and the occasional session where you work on speed (maybe once every 9/10 runs)

All you need to do is make it comfortable right now... then you can either keep working in terms of time, or you can start working in distance.

There’s a lot of people out there who can’t run 3k... you were one of those not very long ago, I was one last year... next time you’re out shopping, just envision that... 9 out of every 10 people you see can’t run a mile... you’re doing nearly 2.

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Hi UnfitNoMore and thank you for the sound advice. I think the runs are getting easier but I’ll try a shorter run to work on speed every so often. 🐢


Don’t worry about the time - I managed a 5k in 45 mins once! And seem to have slowed since. But keep building strength through the slow pace - there’s lots of interesting research on slow jogging being really good for building strength and stamina, and when you’ve got a few more hours of running under your belt, you could start doing one run a week with some more pace, but balanced with 2 slower runs. I’m taking your name as a hint to your years, so be patient, as we’re at greater risk of injury, but if more pace is your goal, you can work on that. We won’t drum you out of the 🐌 club!

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Thanks DiscoRunner - I’m a young 61! Just retired and loving it. Really into my running (slow jogging) and so pleased I embarked on this programme. Your 5k time is great (I’ll follow everyone’s advice and hopefully will get there eventually)

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