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Consolidation running


So, first week of running done since graduation, and it's harder than I expected!

Not sure if it's because I miss Laura talking to me or because I'm not working towards graduation anymore but it definitely feels tougher than my final week did! Going to keep at it anyway because I definitely don't want to stop now, just wanted to ask if anyone else has experienced it?

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Yeh, I'm the same !!! Seemed to be under the illusion that it would instantly get easier !! I did my first parkrun and managed to do 5K for the first time and in a not to slow time !!! Keep on running tho

ShazzomGraduate in reply to Laurzmum

Hey, that's brilliant well done you!!! I've printed my barcodes off and I do have a park run about 5 minutes away from me so I'll have to get down there and do one ☺


Totally agree! I still listen to Jo Wiley on week 9 if I’m doing 30 minutes. I’ve recently discovered Nike guided runs thanks to Couchpotato and find them helpful

ShazzomGraduate in reply to Glossy

Fab thank you I'll look at the Nike thing. Might need to put Laura back on too ha! ☺


It was weird running without a coach.

What's working for me is plotting a route,and not stopping till I get to end of it.

Sometimes it's 4km,sometimes it's 5,depends where I'm coming from.

The goal is just to get to the end.

ShazzomGraduate in reply to Letties

It is so weird isn't it!! I am getting through them, I've done 3 this week and done my 30 mins etc just feels tougher.. perhaps I was just so buoyed up on the final week it was a different mindset and it felt easier! Will keep at it ☺

ShegooraGraduate in reply to Shazzom

I graduated about 3 weeks ago and feel i am struggling more each run I do. And i am definitely getting slower. But i will try to keep going. I am desperate to hit 5k.


Me also x I did rerun the final run just to hear Laura x she’s very encouraging 😊

ShazzomGraduate in reply to Scooper47

Yep I think I will be switching Laura back on I need her soothing tones haha 😂


Yes, exactly the same! I redid the graduation run again and again (changing the coach for variation). I needed the encouragement and the timings. That helped me a lot. Each of us will be a bit different with how long our consolidation running takes (took me 6 weeks). But just do as many 3x30s a week as you can, and it does get easier x

ShazzomGraduate in reply to DiscoRunner

It is so strange without a coach now haha! I am keeping at it and getting through, done 3 runs this week and completed them all, just feels alot tougher and I thought it would feel a bit easier this week. Never mind each run is making me stronger so I'm sure I'll start to feel it in the next couple of weeks, I'm not quitting now!! Thank you x


Why not try to add on 10% in distance if you want something to work towards , you can do that each week if you like 😊

AntypodeGraduate in reply to Buddy34

Increasing distance by 10% per week takes you from 5k to marathon in 23 weeks! 🙂

ShazzomGraduate in reply to Antypode

Seems a bit extreme lol!


Yes me too 🙋‍♀️ I sometimes still use Week 9 on the C25k app and also Nike Run Club app - have so many apps/music/watches to start before I actually run. I love reading the posts to keep me going but finding it quite hard sometimes and thinking how will I get past running for more than 30 mins...we can do it...motivate each other along the way. Nike Run Club has coach runs which may help you 🏃‍♀️


I just rerun Week 9 Run 3 each time now used it 6 times for consolidation runs. Can’t do without Laura.


I feel exactly the same! I was feeling slightly dejected because I thought my consolidation runs would be a breeze and they’re really not! I’m going to try slowing right down and see if that makes it less of a slog; I’m definitely not giving up :) Good luck!


I also wondered what to do and someone on here recommended the C25K+ podcasts. I downloaded them and did the stepping stone run yesterday - it was great and I ended up doing a (slightly) longer run at a faster pace using the pace setting audiofuel track and Laura's advice - it was great not clock watching and just listening and counting steps. I'd really recommend them as they still give time checks and advice so you don't feel 'abandoned' 🤗

Anna675Graduate in reply to TinyRunner

Great advice! That’s exactly what I did once I finished ...felt lost without the structure of C25K. I Used the stepping stones podcasts for about 4-5 weeks until I was happy just running to my own music. Now I’m doing bridge to 10k.

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