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Week 2 run 3 only gone and done it!


Happy to report that run 3 week 2 is now completed. On the strength of this I bought some bright Lycra Capri leggings from M and S today. Yes let them see me coming! The dog walkers I see early in the morning all give me a wave now! I’m trundling along and enjoying it , yes it’s not a typo I’m enjoying it !

66 in bright tight Lycra and running!

Good luck to all starting week 3 next week

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Well done 👍 I brought myself a fluorescent yellow jacket 😁 I thought if I collapse in the park someone will find me 😆😆


Nice that the dog 🐶 walkers are giving you a wave, you are enjoying your running, yesterday I saw a"🐶 dog runner", the dog was on a lead with its owner I would say running at around 30 minute 5k pace. 😊


Well done MZB! It’s a great feeling isn’t it?!


Love that comment about the fluorescent yellow jacket blueberry, maybe I should buy one of those.

My spaniel just jogs along side of me, he does his deposits in the 5 minute warm up !

BlueberrydogGraduate in reply to Myzinnyboy

I have a cocker but she’s 14 bless and runs slower than me 😆 maybe I should borrow my daughters greyhound 🤣


Been resisting the Lycra so far but could just be tempted by the end! Good luck !


Brilliant, well done 💪🏃‍♂️ Got to love a bit of lycra 😊😊


I love that running means I can now weed crazy running leggings! Love being st they age where I don’t give s toss what I look like!


Hi Ladyvickster,

2 weeks ago I was wishing for a cloak of invisibility like many other folk on this forum who are carrying a bit of extra poundage! Now I am running or should I say doing the Japanese jog, I just think well blow it at least I’m up and moving!. I have been given a big dose of confidence by reading this forum, and now whilst I’m up on the podium I would like to thank everyone who has posted to me. It’s great to read about what we are all doing especially those of us who are not in the first flush of youth!

We rock as the young ones say!

Yes! Well done you! 👍👍👍👍

Well done, I am trying to hold off buying leggings as I am steadily losing weight so think it would be a waste to buy some and them only fit for a little while.

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